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  1. Evan


    Hey @Lucas H thanks for reaching out to them. I would like to ask you one more thing; can you tell them what you told me about what you think is the possible future of MLP? I think they want to know it.
  2. Evan


    @Cinder Vel Lucas wrote another piece, he does mention ponies a few times. I think you'll find it interesting. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/asking-hard-controversial-questions-lucas-harskamp
  3. Evan


    @Cinder Vel Yes, I did submit it through that channel last week.
  4. Evan


    @Pumpkin Matt @AaronMk Thank you. @Shadow Dash @Cinder Vel What is needed are people at Hasbro understand the little girls, and then the bronies. But the problem is is that Hasbro doesn't fully understand either and what they want in my opinion. If, for example, ''pony toys'' would've been accurate to the show from the get-go rather than e.g. the pink celestia, they've would sold far more toys to both the little girls and the bronies (as collectibles) rather than the crap they pushed out in 2010-2013. I do not really watch MLP apart from what my granddaughter showed me on Netflix so I don't know what Hasbro put out as references and small hints. As someone who makes toys as a hobby and has seen two of his children grow up in the '80s-'90s with transformers and ponies, I can see Hasbro is struggling to comprehend both their audiences what they want. Not their fault, of course. But I think Lucas' work (see the link in my top post), with who I've been talking, could answer a lot of questions and help Hasbro get things done more effectively. I recommended to your Equestria Daily to post his article and ask Lucas questions, since he told me a lot about why bronies exist and MLP prevailed and why littlest pet shop and care bears crashed, Now I do not know much about MLP apart from what my granddaughter showed me and what Lucas told me, but I think MLP could be grander than it is now, if you could believe that. Also, here's a drawing from my granddaughter .
  5. Evan


    @Bakaarion well, to be frank, there are more "little girls" watching mlp than most of you realize. They just play with ponies and don't make fanfictions or deviantart art or youtube vlogs about them, so they're less vocal. Hasbro giving the impression that it would partially abandon the little girls is unthinkable, and given that the bronies are the ones along for the ride, such a gesture towards the bronies would do far more harm than good. All pony content they put out needs to be tailored towards their young audience foremostly, bronies next. And given that that always has been the case and the bronies like that content, why change it? If they altered the content they could not only alienate the kids, but the bronies as well through a change of tone, and then lacking the tone that got bronies in to begin with.
  6. Evan


    Hello everyone, thank you all for your kind responses. @Cinder A load of these people are pure businessmen - its a fun bunch. Normally they leave all the designers alone and only interfere in their work because their enlightened minds think that something wouldn't appeal to kids enough or cause controversy for any reason. You should've seen their faces when Bronies came along - it went against everything they believed. @Bakaarion @Toki That's what always got my attention - you guys really like that fantasy world a lot, do you? my granddaughter is mostly interested in Fluteshy's animals as far as I can tell. Interesting stuff.
  7. Evan


    @cindervel I know the website pretty well. They always pick the pictures themselves, the authors of the articles have no say in that matter. And ye, a lot of toy industry insiders have barely any idea on what is popular in the real world and just run with a couple of half-baked pictures they get from all the commercials that fly around.
  8. Evan


    Hello everybody, My name is Evan - I'm not a brony, but I've made toys as a hobby my whole life and I love seeing my granddaughter play with the pony toys. (and yes, I spoil her). For me personally I've wondered why bronies tick for quite some time, so I've decided to make an account her to interact and do just that if you all don't mind. I've got an aquitance in holland who wrote a good piece last week in ToyNews about it, but since Toynews pieces are very cramped and small and you can't talk much about a topic, I think there's more to it than he says. As someone who has seen his daughter watch the '80s and now his granddaughter watch the '10s ponies, I truly wonder what makes it so different now that you guys like it so much. oh, by the way, here's the piece from that holland guy. http://www.toynews-online.biz/opinion/read/does-tv-content-determine-how-children-play/048911