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  1. limestonexpie

    limestonexpie says hello everypony ^-^

    thank you all. So any good roleplays going on lately or maybe some nice spam games too?
  2. limestonexpie

    limestonexpie says hello everypony ^-^

    Will do and i will say i didn't expect an immediate response like that. You seem like a pretty chill guy too and i hope there's more like you here.
  3. limestonexpie

    Who would like to do an oc roleplay

    I'm new but I would like to get in on an OC roleplay
  4. Thanks for the react friend ^-^

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    2. Dr Ned
    3. limestonexpie


      regardless of what it is it's the gesture that always counts

    4. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      true *drops rattle* oops not again I swear ive dropped this thing more times then I can count *picks it up*

      well its a wonder this dinky little thing hasn't broken in 2 yet either its well made or im just mr lucky

  5. Hi all, you can call me limestonexpie for now. I'm 29 and been in the fandom since about 2013-14ish. I notice there's quite a bit of life to this site especially considering i'm a big roleplayer. More about me later but don't be afraid to ask me questions. I hope to meet some great and interesting people on this site and make some friends. Glad to meet you all!