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  1. hey spear notice the change?

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    2. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      yeah I was not in good shape

    3. Spearhorn


      I think losing appetite is a general sing of a sickness, and recovering it back shows that you are improving. Atleast, this is from my own experiance.

      About headache and sleep vomiting, I have no idea.

      The only times that I remmember when I vomited at night and had something like a headache in the morning wasn't from a sickness. lol

    4. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      yeah I was a mess

  2. Spearhorn

    What's unique about where you live?

    I was born and live in Pleven, one of the most populated cities in Bulgaria, well, I am not sure if I can call most of them cities, compared to some of the cities from the rest of the world but, they are big, atleast for Bulgarian standards. Anyway, this place has long-stretching history, but the most important part of it is a siege during the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878. The siege was carried out initially by Russian forces, though later on they were reinforced by Romanian forces aswell against Ottoman forces who used the town as a defensive point. Both Russian and Romanian forces were most likely helped out by Bulgarian volunteers, I am not really sure, but it's logical. The siege lasted around 5 months and ended with a Russian-Romanian victory, which eventually led to the liberation of my country! There are many monuments commemorating this siege through the city, but the most well known is the Panorama. In the main room of the Panorama there is one big circular exibit with trenches, battlefield equipment, etc. and one giant painting directly behind them. The city is also renowned for it's Medical University, which has many foreign students. As for the country, we have mountain areas and beaches. The climate isn't bad either. Though the economy isn't good and the ruling class is well nevermind...
  3. morning friend

    1. Spearhorn


      Hello, sorry I didn't answer earlier, I just saw this post.

  4. yo spearhorn whats up buddy?

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    2. Spearhorn


      Well, no problem.

    3. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      I hope you aren't pissed

    4. Spearhorn


      Nah, don't worry about it. :)

  5. hello I didn't get a chance to introduce myself I'm Nightshroud

    nice to meet you

    I hope you had a fun weekend

    enjoy your stay on the forums

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    2. Spearhorn


      I see.

      Though, I'm guessing there are some specific subgroups in Shamanism.

    3. Dr Ned
    4. Spearhorn



      Anyway, I'll be logging off. Bye.

  6. Spearhorn


    @Cinder Vel Spelling error. Now that you mentioned it, I'll fix it. Thracology. About Thrace. @AaronMk Virtue.
  7. Spearhorn


    @Cinder Vel How did a program change fuck up your progress? Don't you get to keep your accumulated credits or?
  8. Spearhorn


    @Cinder Vel Yeah, when I studied Greek history, we focused on Athens and Sparta as well. Although, I do admit that I haven't read much about the other less known polises. How do you study history over there? Do you specialise in a given period at the start of you studies or after? Over here we study general world history, while mostly focusing on the Bulgarian history and European civilizations in general. We study several disciplines for one or two semesters. For instance, we study Thracology for one semester alongside Old world history (By this I mean Ancient East, Hellas and Rome which we study for 2 semesters) and other disciplines then move on to Medieval history, etc. I can see why we are studying like that, but that makes forgeting stuff very easy, atleast in my case. After we graduate, if we choose to continue our studies in history we may choose to specialise in a period or theme such as Byzantine history, Medieval European etc. And I must admit, I am not a very good student lol.
  9. Spearhorn


    What do you mean by best? As in which one I find the most interesting? I havent thought about which polis I find the most interesting. Though I think I find Athens more interesting than the others.
  10. Spearhorn


    @Cinder Vel By Hellenic states, I meant the Greek city states in general. About the Thracians, yes I am mostly interested in them because I live in their former lands.
  11. Spearhorn


    @Cinder Vel About ancient history, I'm mostly interested in Rome, the Hellenic states and the Thracians. About 2D Zelda being the best, I must disagree.
  12. Spearhorn


    @Bakaarion Thanks, anyway, I haven't played a game from the Metroid franchise. The only experience with Metroid that I have is from SSB. lol
  13. Spearhorn


    Thank you! What part of history are you interested the most? I am mostly interested in the ancient and medieval periods and military history in general. And, I'm actually studying history too.
  14. Spearhorn


    Hello there! I am a college student from Bulgaria. As far as I remmember, I learned about the bronies sometime around 2011. Back then I was neutral on the whole brony vs anti-brony thing, but I did actually find the bronies weird. Back in 2014 I caught S1E5 "Griffon the Brush Off" airing on TV, I remmembered about the whole brony thing and decided to actually give FiM a chance. I was sure that I wouldn't be interested in it and I was actually wondering what I was doing with my life while I was watching it lol. The next day I decided to watch the next episode and well... you can see where that led. My major interests are history and military. My more minor interests are politics and philosophy. I usually spend my free time while browsing the internet or playing video games, though I don't play video games as often as I used to. I am a big fan of Nintendo, especially the "Legend of Zelda" franchise. On PC, I mostly play games that are on Steam nowadays. Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them!