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  1. I should've told you this sooner.

    Listen, I just strongly hate politics with a burning passion. I can't stand it, I don't want to hear about it, but I'm going to. So, you can believe what you want.

    I'm just saying thaty I'm kinda requesting if you keep politics on the down low, for your sanity as well as mine.

    1. Oldmanjenkins


      My apologies. Its my fault, I feel quite strongly about politics and I tend to get them involved in areas where they don't need to be. Try not to be offended by anything I say.

      You have my most humblest, and sincere of apologies, and it wont happen again. 

    2. Sylveon


      No, its fine. Post what you want. Your account. I'm just saying I'm uncomfortable with that kinda stuff.