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    UK Bronies?

    Ok, so just out of interest, I was wondering if anyone else using this site is based in the UK...
  2. Oldmanjenkins

    Daring Done Leak

    So for those of you who don't know, Season 7 episode 18 was leaked by accident on YouTube. So, if you want to watch it, here it is:
  3. I have noticed that PMV's make any song sound better.

    Music that I would never dream of listening to, actually sounds decent when I'm watching it being sung by ponies.

    1. ChB


      Indeed! I can't count the number of PMV Disney musics I've listened to. Many pop songs also have good PMVs. 

      Though sometimes, you do have to take the time to separate the wheat from the tares. Some PMVs show little effort on the creator's part, such as bad lip-syncing and unfitting scenes. 

  4. Thanks to @Mystic Thunder, a friend of mine, Peridot, has left this forum for a while.

    All you had to do was apologise, bro. Its not hard.

  5. Oldmanjenkins

    G1 moondancer orniment from Hallmark foe 2017

    The characters from the current G4 MLP, were based off of previous generations of MLP. It doesn't mean that the events of G1 are canon to G4, but they just recycled some characters, often changing their personality or design though.
  6. Oldmanjenkins

    Sweet 16, Now with Ponies!

    Nah, I'd rather not. Its not really the place for it anyway...
  7. Oldmanjenkins

    What sports teams do y'all like?

    The only sports I watch is ESports.
  8. Hahahaha, this song makes me want to snort a ton of coke and kill some fucking commies xD


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    2. Oldmanjenkins


      Mostly I just listen to the single songs.... I feel that A lot of the albums have a few very good songs, but the rest are not great....

    3. Captain Clark

      Captain Clark

      Oh, that's fine. I am definitely an album guy though. :) 

    4. Oldmanjenkins


      Yeah, that's good too :D

  9. Oldmanjenkins

    Sweet 16, Now with Ponies!

    Yeah, I thought i'd see a comment like this. I just want to say that I don't hate anyone. I just feel that being a homosexual is against natures intent, and is morally wrong. I'm also not religious, so it has nothing to do with that. I can still socialise with gay people, as I obviously consider @Shadow Dash, as a friend. (Even if we don't talk that much) @Sylveon, we can still be friends, even if we have differing opinions. Only the weak let opinions get in the way of friendships. Anyway, I wont talk about it anymore, due to the nature of this thread. and @Shadow Dash, once again, I hope you had a great birthday!
  10. Oldmanjenkins

    Sweet 16, Now with Ponies!

    Hold up, hold up. Your gay? Well shit. It doesn't really help that I'm homophobic, does it? xD Anyway, happy birthday!
  11. Oldmanjenkins


    No problem. I live in the UK, anyway.
  12. Oldmanjenkins


    Oh wow. A new Brony. Its been a long time since I have seen one of those. Our kind is dying out, or so it may seem. Nonetheless, welcome to the free for all retardation fest, hope you enjoy your stay. On a side note, have you watched all the current MLP episodes?
  13. Oldmanjenkins

    Salutations everypony

  14. Oldmanjenkins

    New Trailer

    I've been giving him crap since the day I met him. It only calmed down because he got me two strikes for 'Abusive Behaviour'.
  15. Oldmanjenkins

    New Trailer

    Quote where you have defended it in this topic, please. I seem to be missing something here.
  16. Oldmanjenkins

    New Trailer

    Leave. You clearly don't like this fandom, because they clearly don't accept your opinions. Funny thing. We literally have no other choice but to accept your opinions. No matter how absurd, or uneducated they may be. I might not like your opinions, but my efforts to change them have been futile, so I have no other choice but to accept that you have those opinions, and that you are adamant about changing them, despite insufficient evidence or proof to back up your claims. You say this is your last straw, so I'm going to call your bluff. If we get anymore redemption's in the show, or anyone doesn't accept your opinions as facts, I expect you to be a man of your word and leave this fandom. That means that you wont watch the show, you wont buy the merchandise from the show, you wont watch videos relating to the show, you wont go to the conventions, you wont wear apparel relating to the show and best of all, you will abandon this website.
  17. Oldmanjenkins

    Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    Noice. Look forward to seeing it
  18. Oldmanjenkins

    Nuke's Equestria Girls' series Review

    Sounds great. Will you be doing a review on the upcoming MLP movie, by any chance?
  19. Another shipping post, I see.... Ehhh... I can see why someone might think that, but I can't vouch for its validity.
  20. Oldmanjenkins


    Just a heads up, a guy named 'LostSanity' might post here. It's going to be the same BS as always, about how he is 'controversial'. Just ignore him. Trust me, the less you have to do with this guy, the better.
  21. Oldmanjenkins


    OOooo.... A digital artist. A warm welcome, indeed.
  22. Oldmanjenkins


    So just out of interest, do you use adblock on EQD? I used to, but stopped using it just to support the site. The ads are not over the top and don't really get in the way, so it would be great to see more people not using it.
  23. Oldmanjenkins

    Hiya Everypony

    Understandable mistake. I guess that makes two of us. I don't really like conflict either and often tend to steer clear of that sort of thing. Although, I do like to debate. Just as long as the person I am debating with, is reasonable, and logical.