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  1. My cousin looked somewhat confused when he saw a Rainbow Dash plushie on my desk yesterday. Thankfully I had hide all my other pony stuff. He was confused enough seeing only this one. Maybe I'll shock him next time. :HappyPinkie:

  2. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    You were implying that you are a nationalist but not THIS nationalist usually. Personally I don't see any problems with that but there are some people who are willing to declare you as a subhuman if you got a healthy amount of national pride in you. It might be just my stereotype of French people but I have the impression that all of you are somewhat nationalist and proud of your country. I hope you'll correct me if this isn't the case.
  3. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Emphasis on the word "this"?
  4. Fintale

    Did you buy anything recently?

    I bought a foot tall Rainbow Dash plushie I found at a second hand shop.
  5. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    It depends what you consider old. I think it's fairly new. It looks like this but different color This is my summer car it's reliable and nice car but it burns lots of fuel during winter. It's almost sad that I don't even get a chance to get all exited about football because my country suck at it.
  6. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Yes they do. Thanks to our government Finland is the car dumpster of Europe. I'm going to buy a dirt cheap beater so I'll need few weeks to fix it up. Last year I had a French car but it broke when some old senile rear ended it.
  7. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    I meant something like a baseline shape. That kind of shape where I wouldn't feel like suffocating if I walk and talk at the same time. Maybe I could obtain that if I quit smoking. But it would require awfully lot of effort. I can just die or die trying. Then again the outcome is the same so why bother? I'm trying to find myself a winter car. I've found a cheap Chevy Fleetside with a semi fuel efficient 6,2 liter Detroit diesel but it would require some tinkering to get it roadworhty. I'm just afraid that the glow plugs might drain the batteries some cold morning if I'm not able to use the block heater. It's always that darn winter that ruins everything nice.
  8. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    I participated in a kickboxing training camp this weekend and now I can feel it in every muscle of my body. I hope that I'm able to get off my bed tomorrow. Speaking of exercising, it's already 2018. Why can't there be an easier way to stay in shape?
  9. Fintale

    Favorite place to be tickled?

    I don't know, I have never been tickled. I guess nowhere count as other?
  10. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Or we could make the Earth's axis of rotation to lean against the Sun throughout the year. Now it's always pointing the northern star causing unwanted side effects like winter. If it was rotating with the Earth we would have nightless night and endless summer on the northern hemisphere. That'll be the day, literally. I wouldn't complaing, until I've had enough of it after a short while, of course.
  11. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    But I don't want rain, nor suffer. I want eternal sunshine. I'd rather go to some less wet and icky city. BTW Is it called WASHington because of the rain?
  12. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Dealing with poorly documented code is so irritating! It's especially irritating when you have written it yourself. I think I could do some reading on the subject. Any suggestions?
  13. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Beautiful view if you don't mind my dirty windows. I live on the tenth floor and I'm afraid of the hights so I'm never ever going to open the windows to clean them. Not in a million years. BTW I found the recipe for a good night sleep. This kind of eye patches I got from Finnair and CBD-A oil. Well, they don't look this girly but you get the idea.
  14. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    If you are looking forward to snow fall, I can't but feel a bit sorry for you. I, on the other hand, have a serious problem. My beer tastes like room temperature. This is outrageous! I was at my local pub and saw some drama earlier, it was hilarious. Like, what are people expecting when they go to a bar? I'm expecting to get drunk and every time my expectations are met to the details. I think there had been a fight. It's surprising how some people don't understand that if you act like a d*#& you will be treated like a d*#&. EDIT: Oh no! The sun is already rising. How am I supposed to sleep now?