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  1. It's starting to feel like summer, I can almost feel the Sun burning my skin. :awesomedash: I feel so much more energetic already. Midnight Sun here I come!

  2. Fintale

    Anypony ever had Jack Daniel's?

    Of course I will use any possible excuse to avoid blaming my self for my own actions.
  3. Fintale

    Anypony ever had Jack Daniel's?

    It's more acceptable to drink if the bottle is cute or small or pink or <insert any positive characteristic here>. It makes you feel more like a victim instead of an alcoholic. Personally I drink mostly beer to keep my drinking problem at a manageable level. Today my excuse to get drunk is friday. Besides I haven't get drunk in the middle of the week at all this week which makes it even more justified.
  4. Fintale

    Anypony ever had Jack Daniel's?

    Beer is like smoothie compared to Jack Daniel's. Even though the strong taste is not one of my favorites it's pretty hard not to drink too fast and way too much. The hangover can also be a real nightmare. I guess it's OK if you can drink sophisticated and small quantities. Sounds like something that alcohol might say.
  5. Yay! I'm so happy! :happybonbon: I got hired permanently to the company where I have been working as a semi-entrepreneur for nearly 2 years. Also got a noticeable  raise to my salary. Now I can get myself an appartment with  a couch and a washing machine. Later on I'll buy myself a Harley-Davidson and hopefully a gun.

  6. Fintale

    What are you listening to?

    Such a beautiful song.
  7. Fintale

    What are you listening to?

    I'm no friend of hip hop, don't you ever dare to think otherwise. However this song is pretty hilarious. I just hope that somepony will hold my hand when I die. Maybe I'll just have to pay for that to happen.
  8. 30 laps around the Sun and counting. I'm starting to feel a bit old...ish. :happy_twi: Now it would be great to look back and think of all those great things I have accomplished so far. Or at least should have. Well, let's also be realistic and keep our focus on the future, shall we.

  9. Fintale

    What did you get for Christmas this year?

    I got nothing again. I was going to buy myself a used engine and a transmission but I didn't have the money. Did somepony else get their Christmas presents? What did you get? I was hoping that somepony would have got me a pair of woollen socks.
  10. Jebin! I have a metal particle in my eye again. You can say that I'm blessed because it happened again this year. Thanks to my socialist government I only have to pay once per year when I need to use health care services (I hope it's still the case}.:HappyPinkie: Screwing up twice a year brings my average payment per visit down to around 25 $. I wonder how many hours I need to stand in the que though

    1. Fintale


      Nevermid, the particle disappeared during the night. :happy_twi: I'm so glad I didn't have to go to a doctor.

  11. I heard that you should spend the Christmas with the ones that you love. Well, I spent my Christmas doing rust repairs on my car. Does that count? I hope so. I don't want be a weirdo. :pwease:

    1. Bakaarion


      It could be tolerable if you weren't into ponies too emote.RDlaugh.png

  12. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Is there anything better than winter and a rear wheel drive car? Well, there is. It's called summer. I think my car is trying to assassinate me and it's making it awfully enjoyable while doing it. There is "slight" traction issues especially when the engine is not warmed up and it's running high idle speed.
  13. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Someone with a sense of humor. It's the same here. If you screw up badly in our government you can always choose to work for the European parliament. To be honest I think my dirty laundry would be more competent for the job. Maybe I should apply myself. It seems like an easy job with high salary and no responsibilities. Not to mention my tendencies towards alcoholism. Or maybe we should ask 'Murica to kindly deliver some freedom to bruxelles. There's hardcore commies and lots and lots of oil there. I'm sure they dont' have all those ICBMs just to scare people off?
  14. Fintale

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    I'm not sure if this joke translates well but let's try. I laughed my butt off when I heard it. Which of the following are you allowed to control when under the influence of alcohol? A. A car B. A moped C. The European Union. It's sad that the EU doesn't know how to make money their own. Instead they are just trying to fine and sue big American corporations in hopes for money. Finnish media has already give me nightmares (nightmare, sounds like a ponified word :D) with their news about how Google etc. might block European consumers altogether due to this copyright law. That's unfair! We haven't even voted for those idiots making the decisions for us.