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  1. Fintale

    Did you buy anything recently?

    I bought a "new" daily driver. 22 years old grey Volvo S60. Feels kind of good to drive a stick shift again but I need to practice my clutch leg.
  2. Fintale

    What are you listening to?

    I wish I would understand the lyrics. It sounds so beautiful.
  3. Today I tried swimming in a frozen lake for the first time in my life. I thought it would feel more like "WTF am I doing" but it was more like "oh, the water is surprisingly warm". I think I will do it again sometime.

  4. Fintale

    My head

    I'm pretty sure I know how to solve this issue. We need a crossbow, an hour glass, three goats, one of us must learn to play the trumpet while the other goes like *this*. Does anyone know a man with a goat?
  5. Fintale

    My head

    How do you eat without a head? You're gonna starve.
  6. I finally got myself a "pork beef MC" T-shirt after years of waiting. I'm so happy. I'll share a photo of it with y'all when I get home. :awesomedash:

  7. My eyes! The goggles do nothing. What foreign languages? Finnish? Welcome to the forums! Hope you have a great time.
  8. Jebin! My summer holidays just started! It's going to be an awesome midsummer this year. I heard the weather is going to be so warm that we might even break the national record for drowned people this year. :awesomedash: For your disappointment I won't be one of those unlucky ones. I will be fixing my Chevy as usual. She needs some welding (again), new rear shock absorbers and new valve guide seals.

  9. Fintale

    Sleepwear thread

    Usually I wear just T-shirt and boxers. If it's cold I also keep my socks on.
  10. Fintale

    What do you drive?

    1988 Chevy Caprice. She only has 262 CID V6 but I love her nevertheless. She has a street performance TH700-R4 transmission with 2400 RPM stall torque converter which is kind of stupid for this tiny engine but anyways she's a reliable and semi fuel efficient partner. She's an old taxi with more than 350k miles on the clock so she needs some maintenance and care. Fuel prices have been surprisingly cheap at 6,35 $ per gallon so I don't have to count every penny when I'm out there motorvating.
  11. @moiralabrecque03 Here's some pictures of my Caprice.

    New front seat 1/2 installed

    Water pump change

    Probably installing new ignition switch or hi/low beam switch. I don't remember anymore. I have changed them both and it was almost similar operation

    Shotgun side rocker panel had some rust I made new panel using wise grips and angle grinder New rocker panel welded Painted with primer using spray gun It turned out pretty good.

    I had to also fix driver's side rocker panel. It was even worse

    Both frame rails were almost cut in half So I had to make some reinforcements

    Driver's side quarter panel had some rust In the background you can see my best friend. 3 phase 380 volt Kemppi mig/mag welder.  :HappyPinkie:

  12. Fintale

    What’s your favorite pastry?

    1. Chocolate chip cookies 2. Muffins 3. Christmas tarts