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  1. I'm pretty sure I know how to solve this issue. We need a crossbow, an hour glass, three goats, one of us must learn to play the trumpet while the other goes like *this*.

    Does anyone know a man with a goat?

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  2. VJ0S8wm.jpg

    1988 Chevy Caprice. She only has 262 CID V6 but I love her nevertheless. She has a street performance TH700-R4 transmission with 2400 RPM stall torque converter which is kind of stupid for this tiny engine but anyways she's a reliable and semi fuel efficient partner. She's an old taxi with more than 350k miles on the clock so she needs some maintenance and care. :D  Fuel prices have been surprisingly cheap at 6,35 $ per gallon so I don't have to count every penny when I'm out there motorvating. :sweetieyes:

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  3. On 8/25/2020 at 3:30 AM, M2 Ball said:

    high rent prices

    Out of curiosity. How high is your rent and how big is your apartment? My rent is 540€ and I live in a typical 27,5 square meter one room suicide apartment. I think it's annoyingly expensive.

    Other expensive things that grind my gears:

    Obtaining a motor vehicle. Thanks to car tax that is included in the price of new vehicles.

    Owning a motor vehicle. Annual vehicle tax for my car is 440$. In return for that money I get nothing. Oh, and the mandatory periodical technical inspection is 100$ every year.

    Driving a motor vehicle. Regular gas costs about 6,5$ per gallon (again high taxes).

    Food is expensive, beer is expensive, cigarettes are super expensive. Basically everything that you can find in a supermarket is expensive.


  4. Some of my favorites

    Nightwish - Walking in the air

    Sentenced - Drown together

    Children of bodom - All for nothing

    Brother firetribe - Heart full of fire

    Sonata arctica - Blank file

    Stratovarius - Shine in the dark

    Kotiteollisuus - Haltin häät

    Sabaton - The last stand

    Tehosekoitin - Hetken tie on kevyt

    Kent - Sundance kid

    Axel Rudi Pell - Forever angel

    Bomfunk Mc's - Sky's the limit

    Misfits - Dig up her bones

  5. Scott Manley - Space stuff. Do I need to say more?

    The 8-Bit Guy - I like old electronics and old computers.

    Psych2Go - They provide some insights to my mental health issues.

    Timcast - It's complicated.

    StevenCrowder - His content resonates with my world view.

  6. Today I found a "new" front seat and "new" throttle body  for my daily driver 1988 Chevy Caprice. I swapped the driver's seat and now both of my shoulders hit the back rest when I'm driving. :happybonbon: The old seat turned out to be a real safety hazard. It had cracks all over the metal frame. I can't believe that I've been driving it for 2 years like this. It was just awful. I'm planning to change the TBI unit when my summer vacation begins. The throttle body it has now has so much play that I had to install double springs to close the butterflies properly at idle.

  7. I bought an analog Soviet multimeter from a local flea market today. Similar to this

    It was a steal, I only paid 10€ for it. :awesomedash: It came with the original aluminum case. The craftsmanship is astonishing. I opened it just to find out that it looks brand new inside even though it's at least 40 years old. I wish it had the manual in any language.

    I bought it for my twin brother. He has an M-72 sidecar motorcycle so it will be good servicing tool for him. I have been trying to find myself a Soviet sidecar motorcycle but finding one with reasonable price is surprisingly hard. My standards aren't even that high. I only want it to have the tear drop gas tank and 750cc flat head engine. :tantrum: EDIT: Oh, and it needs to have the elephant ear seats. I don't know what you guys call them in the big world.

  8. It was pretty good. I finished school and was hired to the company I've been working for a couple of years already. I was however too busy wasting my life and didn't have the time to watch season 9 episodes. If you know where I can watch them please let me know.