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  1. Oh dog, I chipped about 1/5 of one of my back tooth when eating Karelian pie this morning. :kdR94: How is this even possible? Karelian pie is softer than the food at Mc Donalds.

    I didn't even realise it was part of my own tooth until I had thrown it in the trash bin and started wondering how it got into my food.

    1. Leonbrony17
    2. Fintale


      My thoughts exactly. I kinda knew my teeth are not in that good shape but I didn't know it was this bad. Let's see how expensive this will get.:doublefacehoof:

    3. Fintale


      The free public healthcare only charged 59€ to repair my tooth. Private sector price would have been around 180€ so I saved about 120€. Then again I paid over 6k€ in taxes last year and this is the only thing I got in return. :flutterrage: At least the service was 6/5.