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  1. Noooooo!!!!! It was snowing today. :twitwitch: It's that awful time of the year again. It's so dark and so awful and so cold and did I already mention awful and so awful. I want summer back this instant! Not the kind of summer it was this year and last year but a REAL summer like it was in 2015.

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    2. LunarThunder


      go to its in Valve cafeteria. 28.10 13.00-17.00 I'm gon a go there ^-^....maybe I will see you xD.....

    3. Ough


      Ooh, I wants to go yes please... But what're ya supposed to do in there? Just talk? I'm not that great at talking... xD

    4. LunarThunder


      I think ill just be sitting there listening to music xD......;-;