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  1. Slink

    Hey Everybody

    Hey Bakaa! Thanks for the welcome. Less of playing rock and metal with the viola and more picking up electric guitar and drums, super stoked to learn the instruments. I hope we can be friends too Pikachu!
  2. Slink

    Hey Everybody

    I dunno, ask Skyrazer, I heard he likes collecting them
  3. Slink

    Hey Everybody

    It's alright, I already sold my soul on the EQD discord
  4. Slink

    Hey Everybody

    Hey thanks! I guess I have to go explore the forums now let's hope I come back alive
  5. Slink

    Hey Everybody

    Wow not even an hour in and I'm already greeted with blasphemy I'll be sure to poke around and make myself known!
  6. Slink

    Hey Everybody

    What did he mean by this Virtue I suppose
  7. As some of you may know me from the EQD discord, I'm Slink. I've been in a pretty bad rut for the past year. So I've decided to start expanding my horizons and doing new stuff, including gasp becoming social?! I'm pretty passionate about music, having played Viola for upwards of 10 years. Working on experimenting with rock and metal, hoping to eventually produce MLP content with it. I've also recently picked up drawing, so I'll probably be contributing there too! Gaming is another passion of mine, being sucked into Overwatch and osu! recently. Introductions aren't really my strong suit, So if you have any questions or just want to connect hit me up! Luna is best princess.