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  1. Cyber Commander

    Weird question, but it could have happened.

    I have have nearly drowned twice both cases I got to the stage of blacking out and one of them I was actually out for awhile. This is probably the reason why I don't like going that deep in the water when at the beach.
  2. Cyber Commander

    New Class in Unearth Arcana for D&D 5th

    Not exactly This question was brought up to Matt Mercer of how it would affect Percy. The fact of the matter is the ThunderCannon runs on magic while the Gunslinger actually works with black powder.
  3. Bit late on this one but better late than never. Also decided to keep this separate from the main thread since it is a full class and not archetypes. Here it is the first official class of D&D that is not in the PHB. While this is still in playtest phase this class offers some really cool utility. The archetypes of the artificer basically decides how you want to deal damage as all of the class abilities are utility even their spell list includes no direct damage spells. Overall I like the class and I am already working on a personal archetype based on the Mana Coil from MtG as I want to play Ral Zarek as a character.
  4. Cyber Commander

    What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

    Same with the Cis Bi Male. For me however I was rather late when it came to anything related to this topic. Wasn't really in this area of thought or anything til I was 17 and even than it was all rather passive for awhile.
  5. Cyber Commander

    D&D Tales from the Yawning Portal So Wizards of the Coast is coming out with a new D&D 5th campaign book but this one is actually old in a sense. Tales from the Yawning Portal will be a collection of multiple campaigns from past editions of D&D being updated to work with 5th Editions mechanics. If you are an old player and recognize any of the campaigns in the book this could be a way to find your way into the new edition while players accustom to 5th, like myself, can visit some highlights of the older D&D crowd
  6. Cyber Commander

    What did you get for Christmas this year?

    All my parts for my pc and some D&D stuff
  7. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way completely forgot to post paladin oaths that came out Mondy. My opinions on these two are rather mixed. Both are interesting for evil options but conquests actually abilities are lack luster, Treachery on the other hand has some disgustingly good damage potential allowing you to possibly stack 3 smites into one hit if while popping out of invisibility.
  8. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way Monks are here. Kensei is good for if you want to really hit things hard and fast while Tranquility offers a support style monk with a level 17 that lets you destroy most things if a fight nears its end
  9. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way

    Its time for the fighters. We finally have an official Samurai class, Knight is really good, and then Arcane Archer and Sharpshooter adding some official support to ranged fighter.
  10. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way

    And Druids are now here for viewing and play tests. Both Twilight and Dream's level 2 abilities are super good, Dream's carries a disgustingly good synergy with speed monks and Twilight's ability makes AoE spells just deal flat out more damage ie Sunbeam
  11. Cyber Commander

    What's your faviroute pokemon?

    Considering I got this commission I think you can guess
  12. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way

    The Clerics are now out The Forge domain is certainly interesting, Grave is pretty much the death domain given in the DMG and Protection is a mix of a bunch for tanking.
  13. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way

    And the new Bardic Archetypes are now out
  14. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way

    You'll get the chance once we are done with the semester also considering you are staying with Hunter not much will change for you except the level 1 abilities.
  15. For those who don't know what Unearth Arcana is it is all the content that Wizards of the Coast wants to make official but has not yet play tested. A few days ago Wizards released this new set of Barbarian archetypes for playtesting. They also announced that a lot more UA content will be coming in the next few months and just to catch anyone up who wants to track UA but hasn't a huge buff to the Ranger class came out last month as well if you want to go back to looking at that. So have fun playtesting guys