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  1. That feeling when you reload the steam page and have over 200 dollars added to your steam wallet.

    1. Skyrazer
    2. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Nice, glad to hear your knife sold, good luck with X-COM 2 Commander :ameridash:

  2. Well I am back in my apartment time for another semester of college.

  3. That strange moment when you are looking through people on various forums and find people the might live scarily close to you

    1. Bread


      He might be your Neighbor.

      Or even your personal Stalker.

    2. Badshot


      I would like that, gives me an excuse to go outside a bit more.

    3. LegendaryR'QA


      Yeah, i have 1 or 2 people that live within 30 minutes of me.

  4. So I got in the Paladins Beta and was given two keys so if you are interested in checking out the game you can message me about it.

    1. Badshot


      What is paladins?

  5. This is weird. For once I am going to have a ton of stuff to do over break rather than just sitting around doing the same game over and over again. This should be fun.

  6. Thinking off doing a friends list sweep soon. Going to remove anyone I don't talk to anymore or don't interest me. I know I just added some people from FiG and if I remove you it is nothing personal it is just I don't talk to you even if this is slightly my fault for playing Xbox more recently.

    1. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      Nuuuu, don't remove me, Cyber! I wuv you~! TT ATT;

    2. Error


      Yeah, I understand what you mean. I have same feeling because many don't talk to me either.

  7. Happy Back to the Future Day

  8. I honestly haven't cried in a long time but I just finished playing Valiant Hearts: Great War and was a out of it for awhile