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    Interest Check - XCOM style RP

    So I had an idea recently for a sort of on going RP where players could make a character or characters for an organization and then occasionally I would make up a mission and those who sign up first would go in. Currently I was thinking of everyone being a soldier on the some sort of Avenger style ship. The actual missions would be handled in a turn based fashion with dice rolls for hits like any standard rpg. I would like to see if anyone would actually be interested in trying this out.
  2. Cyber Commander

    Weird question, but it could have happened.

    I have have nearly drowned twice both cases I got to the stage of blacking out and one of them I was actually out for awhile. This is probably the reason why I don't like going that deep in the water when at the beach.
  3. Cyber Commander

    What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

    Same with the Cis Bi Male. For me however I was rather late when it came to anything related to this topic. Wasn't really in this area of thought or anything til I was 17 and even than it was all rather passive for awhile.
  4. Cyber Commander

    What did you get for Christmas this year?

    All my parts for my pc and some D&D stuff
  5. For those who don't know what Unearth Arcana is it is all the content that Wizards of the Coast wants to make official but has not yet play tested. A few days ago Wizards released this new set of Barbarian archetypes for playtesting. They also announced that a lot more UA content will be coming in the next few months and just to catch anyone up who wants to track UA but hasn't a huge buff to the Ranger class came out last month as well if you want to go back to looking at that. So have fun playtesting guys
  6. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way completely forgot to post paladin oaths that came out Mondy. My opinions on these two are rather mixed. Both are interesting for evil options but conquests actually abilities are lack luster, Treachery on the other hand has some disgustingly good damage potential allowing you to possibly stack 3 smites into one hit if while popping out of invisibility.
  7. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way Monks are here. Kensei is good for if you want to really hit things hard and fast while Tranquility offers a support style monk with a level 17 that lets you destroy most things if a fight nears its end
  8. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way

    Its time for the fighters. We finally have an official Samurai class, Knight is really good, and then Arcane Archer and Sharpshooter adding some official support to ranged fighter.
  9. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way

    And Druids are now here for viewing and play tests. Both Twilight and Dream's level 2 abilities are super good, Dream's carries a disgustingly good synergy with speed monks and Twilight's ability makes AoE spells just deal flat out more damage ie Sunbeam
  10. Cyber Commander

    What's your faviroute pokemon?

    Considering I got this commission I think you can guess
  11. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way

    The Clerics are now out The Forge domain is certainly interesting, Grave is pretty much the death domain given in the DMG and Protection is a mix of a bunch for tanking.
  12. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way

    And the new Bardic Archetypes are now out
  13. Cyber Commander

    Lots of new D&D 5th Unearth Arcana content on the way

    You'll get the chance once we are done with the semester also considering you are staying with Hunter not much will change for you except the level 1 abilities.
  14. Cyber Commander

    What are you going as for Halloween?

    I am going to be the guy doing coding shit
  15. Cyber Commander

    Clans on Forums

    I think about 6 people who actively post may get that Steam. Otherwise the whole "clan" topic leaves a sour taste in my mouth personally. Though I feel in a controlled environment they are fine they can bred problems between people even when those problems are really non existent. I will talk to the other mods and the admins about the topic overall and we will see where this goes.
  16. Cyber Commander

    Battlefield 1 Beta begins tomorrow!

    And I am already bored of this beta. Seems woefully unprepared compared to the others. Barely any customization options and still nothing showing how attachments are going to work. Honestly this is just making me more worried that BF1 is going to be a floop.
  17. Cyber Commander

    Interest Check: MGE Tournament

    If you want to be able to keep people coming back I would highly recommend not doing an MGE tournament. TF2 isn't built for this 1v1 style it it becomes noticable very quickly. MGE is a warm up not a main event.
  18. Did someone say bag of explosives.
  19. Cyber Commander

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    I am definitely on for Iris Agora
  20. Cyber Commander

    Hello there! ^_^

    Welcome to the forums. If you have any questions or issues feel free to message me.
  21. Cyber Commander

    Pae in da house

    Welcome to the forums Pae. If you have any questions or issues feel free to message me.
  22. Cyber Commander


    A topic that is sort of being hit here but no one is hitting it right on the nose though Revanche is very close is the term called the Imagined Community. This was a term coined by Benedict Anderson who I have had two long session of my history classes discussing the concept. The fact of the matter is that much like the hour and the minute communities don't actually exist. The concept of the border and difference is entirely an animistic concept. To hit another point here with what was Said about comparing the US to the EU is the fact that a lot of people from the US are looking at the EU as if it is similar to how the US governs states. While it is true that the EU sees a lot of varying cultures none of these cultures are as individualist as many of the styles/cultures you see in the US. Last thing is I see the discussion that One Ruler could get control of the world and rule it. Fact of the matter is this just wouldn't happen. While you say one leader can get control of the world the system would not allow it to happen. If we were to have a world government it would just end up being a more active style of the UN which features a huge amount of checks and balances that requires a considerable agreement on the parts of many not just one. Even look towards the US here. If a President of the Earth system was enacted their would still be a Senate/Council underneath them that would keep the checks and balances in place. Think about it how many times has the president actually been able to just go we are doing this and no one can stop me. The only major example in recent history that comes to my head is the Gulf of Tonkin resolution which has to do with the Vietnam War which the entire US and further populations understand how poorly that went.
  23. How many more are needed for the slaughter?