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  1. DigitalBlackjack

    What was the dumbest thing you ever did as a brony?

    About 4 years ago, I was attending a school event in the mall where we dance and stuff, and since I was a hardcore brony from the start of 2011, I played some brony music in the middle of the mall speakers which was "Magic" By TheLivingTombstone. I was the one smiling while everyone else was wondering what the music is haha
  2. DigitalBlackjack

    What's unique about where you live?

    My City was the HQ of the Revolutionaries back in the 18th century against the Spaniards. Also you can get unlimited chicken wings here for 4$
  3. DigitalBlackjack

    What are you listening to?

    I've been listening to Thriller lately due to excitement, also danced to it at 2 am in the morning 3 times in a row. Also, How does one embed videos in YT Forums?
  4. DigitalBlackjack


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I appreciate it!
  5. hello nice to meet you

    1. DigitalBlackjack


      Hello there! It's nice to meet you too! If you like to talk more, add me in the following profiles:

      Discord: DigitalBlackjack#8568

    2. Dr Ned
  6. DigitalBlackjack

    Why do you like the games you like?

    I like games in general, but mostly the ones that involves high stakes risk and shooting, like PUBG, Overwatch, Splatoon, etc. I also have a special admiration for story based shooters c:
  7. DigitalBlackjack

    Gamer tags

    Steam: Battlenet: SecurityMare#1974
  8. DigitalBlackjack


    Hello there EQD! I'm DigitalBlackjack, i'm new here and I hope to meet a lot of good friends in this forum, and hopefully help out members and staff altogether!