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    I like old B&W movies, Hayao Miyazaki and animation in general (especially Japanese). I adore art, nature and beautiful things in any form. Just easy to please I guess.
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    Avoiding work.
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About Me

I'm kind of a down-to-earth free spirit. I like to push my limits and step out of my comfort zone. If I don't push the envelope I'll never know what my limitations are or IF they are. I enjoy living my life in the sunshine and finding new things to explore, whether it's sampling a gross entree from a street cart or venturing into places where I'm not necessarily supposed to go. 

I came here because I talk too much and this looks like a good place to make a noise. Looks promising so I'll probably just stick my surfboard in the sand and get comfy. 

I'm a really big fan of art. I like to create it sometimes even though I'm not very good at it. Most of it ends up joining the circle of life (i.e. biodegrading in a landfill). It's more about the creative process than having something to show for it. 

I'm also kind of a daydreamer. I can lie on my back and just stare at the clouds for hours and be perfectly content. I spend a lot of my time going to the beach or taking walks in nature. Oh yeah, and I like to shop. (I'm a girl, so sue me).

Arrighty, that's just a quick sample to get things started, but I'm ridiculously open and honest about everything, so if you wanna know anything else, ask. But don't be surprised at what you may find. 
Personality-wise, I have a sarcastic sense of humor (in a fun-loving way) and I get along with everypony because I'm just an easy going girl. Not brilliant, but harmless.