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  1. I really liked that movie, but then, I never followed the show so I guess I don't have all the issues with it that the real fans would have. I just took it on its own merits. If I were to pick a cartoon series for the big screen I'd pick Tiny Toon Adventures or Animaniacs.
  2. I'd be a real life cartoon character. If someone drops a refrigerator on my head I'll shake it off and be good to go. Or I could squash and stretch into confined spaces and otherwise defy the laws of physics as it suits me.
  3. SunGuppy

    In which ways are you old-fashioned?

    I'd prefer to live in a world with no internet at all. I know it seems incongruous to say that as I type away on my computer on this online forum, but if the world was a different place I'd fit into it just fine. I agree with the idea of physical books versus reading on a screen. I love the feeling of a book in my hand, especially the old ones from the early 20th century; they have such a great supple feel to them. I also like old fashioned fashions. I love the idea of wearing a beautiful fluffy dress with my hair in tube curls. That would rock my world.
  4. SunGuppy

    Reveal Your Ships

    Juniper Montage and Lemon Zest. The hyper-sexy nerd thing that Juniper has going on, mixed with the hot as hell brattiness of Lemon Zest just makes my toes curl.
  5. SunGuppy

    Books! Books! And More Books!

    Anything with lots of pictures. Actually I read The Hobbit (loved it) and I want to read the LOTR books. The Chronicles of Narnia sound interesting too. I like series that can take me away from reality for long stretches at a time.
  6. SunGuppy

    Who is the cutest filly, in your opinion?

    Now you're talkin'! I picked SweetieBelle but I didn't even think of Twist. She's one of the all-time greats! I just love her voice and those adorable glasses!
  7. A recurring villain that lasts not only a few episodes but a few seasons would be awesome; just what the show needs. Queen Chrysalis is fine for now but I'm sure her big apology and conversion to the ways of virtue are not far off.
  8. SunGuppy

    Answer my question with a question

    Isn't sanity a relative term anyway?
  9. SunGuppy

    What other websites are you a member of?

    I recently started getting into DeviantArt, and GirlsForum. I never really watched Youtube much but I'm starting to get into it.
  10. SunGuppy


    Hi Tinsel and welcome! I love your name by the way. Have a cool time here!
  11. SunGuppy

    Darker and more serious.

    Dark is fine in its place. But it's so overdone in just about everything these days I'd hate to see MLP fall into the same cliches that so many others have. Something's got to be family friendly and that's how I like my ponies. Some episodes get a little darker but they seem to have the right balance for the most part.
  12. SunGuppy

    Who has the worst episodes?

    Starlight Glimmer. Oh wait, that's every episode. My bad.
  13. SunGuppy

    How tall do you want your pony?

    If it was a male pony I'd want him taller. If it was a female pony I'd want her smaller.
  14. SunGuppy

    Flaws the show has.

    Way too many villains kissing up and conveniently turning good at the drop of a hat. Not everyone is going to just drop everything and become a goodguy just like that. It should be more of a challenge because that's how it would be in reality. It's not that I want things to be too real, I just want it plausible and believable. Most of the time it isn't. And some people/ponies or whatever just plain won't turn things around. I'd love to see what Twilight and company would do with a villain that was truly stubborn and unwilling to give in. Now that would be a compelling episode (or arc).
  15. SunGuppy

    worst resteruants ever!

    Wendy's usually sucks. To be fair, this can vary a lot by individual restaurant. Some suck less than others. Oh, and Imo's Pizza. That stuff tastes like baby poop (or so I imagine!)
  16. SunGuppy

    Official hello to EQD!

    Hey, welcome to the herd! Disney fan you say? Awesome! I love Disney too. Looking forward to kickin' it around on the boards. Wow, lots of talk here about MLP Forums. I think that's one of the only ones I haven't tried yet. So what's the verdict? Is it good or does it suck?
  17. Hi Meme! Nice to see you. Always nice to have another pony in the paddock!
  18. To put it in the vernacular of the peasantry, ain't he just a two-bit carnival man? (Don't worry, I won't tell anypony!)
  19. Yeah, don't get up, it's just me (the fixture in the background with the bewildered expression on her face). I thought I'd stick a hoof in and tiptoe around a bit (don't worry, I'll wipe me feet first). I'm a native of SoCal/OC and I've been an MLP fan since season 2. I tend to get addicted to posting on forums and this looked like a cool new place to make a noise. From the looks of it, this should have been the first place I tried out, but I'm not the smartest pony in the herd, and that's just a sample of what you're dealing with here. Anyway, we'll give this a go; I think I'll just stick my surfboard in the sand and get comfy. Okay, that'll do it for now. No point in overstaying my welcome (that'll come later!) See ya around the boards!
  20. Hi Jaspers! Yeah, I seem to remember seeing you on EqF recently. Good to see you, girl!
  21. SunGuppy

    You wanted it but you never got it

    A girl in her undies might make it hard to concentrate anyway.
  22. SunGuppy

    Looney Tunes Thread

    I love the Looney Tunes. My favorites are Pepe and Penelope but I have a soft spot for the very early Tweety, he's just crazy! I used to love watching these on Boomerang but they only show the same handful of cartoons over and over. It's much better to grab a DVD and make a day of it. Bob Clampett is certifiable and my favorite of the directors, but Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese were a great Director and Writer team.
  23. SunGuppy

    Dumbest Thing You Ever Did

    I got talked into cliff jumping with some really stupid friends. They were jumping into a deep pool but it was too high, the currents were dangerous and the track record for that kind of thing has more fatalities than I can count. I did one jump and that was one too many. I hurt my hip and was aching for days afterward. I guess I got off lucky compared with a lot of people who risk their life doing that crap. I don't see the fascination with it and giving into pressure was idiotic. I don't usually go along with that kind of thing and it won't happen again.
  24. SunGuppy

    You wanted it but you never got it

    Someone I had a crush on when I was younger. No matter how hard I tried it just wasn't meant to be. How sad.
  25. SunGuppy

    Have you ever skipped an episode?

    I've never skipped an episode and I never plan to. Some things just aren't done. Even if I hear an episode is going to suck, I have to tune in to find out just for my own enlightenment.