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  1. JadeCriminal

    Hi folks

    @AaronMk Mr. Robespiere was a duck and I liked to drop a chandelier on him as a kid.
  2. JadeCriminal

    Hi folks

    Eh... What does political leadership preference have to do with my intro? Preferably virtue. If that fails Orbital Friendship Cannon. @Cinder Vel You can't eat a pony. Well, technically you can. But it won't be sweet. Or SFW. (Also lol for amusing use of semantics. )
  3. JadeCriminal

    Hi folks

    Hi there, It's customary to do one of these when signing up. People call me Danijel, Jade or Beardy depending on the setting. I'm kind of like the opposite of Pinkie Pie and have most fun flying solo or occasionally with a small group of people. I don't like sweet things, with the exception of banana and chocolate. In fact 90% of everything sweet is too sweet ever since I ditched sodas for a month due to a bet. Tragically I now have to cut sodas with mineral water (the bubbly kind) to enjoy them. The only way I can enjoy coke, for example is if a non refrigerated coke is poured over a glass full of ice cubes. My favourite food used to be lasagna... I still like it but these days... I dunno? Red Bull? (jk) (mostly) Pies I'd say. Meat pies specifically, or potato pies. Good ones. So hard to find. So ridiculously time consuming to make. My hobby is basically anything that can tell a good story. It used to be really into computer games games but these days... Almost nothing new is all that fun or intriguing. Hollywood Bethesda syndrome I guess. So it's mostly fiction and tabletop gaming I basically signed up here because I wanna GM a fun group of people for a specific type of game and figured here was the best location to find some like minded, or at least fun, people. So there you go. An intro. Pact Fulfilled.