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  1. meme

    Putting ponies into VRChat?

    Clearly you do not know de wae
  2. Wow. What happened to your OC?

    1. meme


      The_Gobo (a user on MLPF) had someone make this for me.

    2. Leonbrony17


      Honetly, i like the old one more.


      But that doesn't mean i don't like the new one. Your new one looks very cool in it's own way. :)

  3. meme

    Pony items removed from Xbox Live

    Aw man, I remember wanting some of those. Guess they probably only had a limited license or whatever.
  4. meme

    Club Penguin Fan Club!

    Ah, so that's why I never knew about them. My time in CP since around '09 has only been the occasional visit to see what's changed, or to get an anniversary hat.
  5. meme

    Club Penguin Fan Club!

    I know about CPR, I just haven't really wanted to play Club Penguin since... idk, years ago. what is "pookie" It was advertised on Disney Channel because Disney bought it.
  6. meme

    Club Penguin Fan Club!

    Wasn't RuneScape a lot more popular than Club Penguin for CP's entire existence? RS was full of people in '06/'07, and I think that's probably around Club Penguin's peak.
  7. meme

    Club Penguin Fan Club!

    RIP game of my childhood. Played since '06, lost that account, had another since '07. On the last day, in the last few hours, I managed to get screenshots of my entire inventory, every puffle, and my igloo the last time I had membership. I'd like to thank Disney for absolutely destroying the game, and eventually killing it off for an inferior app. Edit: aaaAAAAAA I STILL HAVE MY CARD JITSU CARDS IRL
  8. meme

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    4850 4852 hey looks like we'll at least get to 5k before mlpf gets to 1m
  9. oh no.

    it became even more facebook-y

  10. I'm sorry if it took so long to write my PM. Please don't leave. :(

    1. meme
    2. Leonbrony17


      Thank's. I just missed you SO MUCH.

  11. Hey meme. Have you seen any funny memes today :D? ( do you use 9gag or reddit?)

    1. meme





      anyway yeah i've seen a few

  12. meme

    The Banned Game

    Memed because I have no idea what you're talking about.