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  1. 45 minutes ago, Havocbyte said:

    @meme There is always Club Penguin Rewritten if you don't want to play CPI.

    Anyways, I never played the original CP as a kid because I was unsure about it due to all the weird people on there like the trolls and the "pookies", ETC. 


    But I remember it being advertised on Disney Channel back in the day. 

    I know about CPR, I just haven't really wanted to play Club Penguin since... idk, years ago.

    what is "pookie"


    It was advertised on Disney Channel because Disney bought it.

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  2. 5 hours ago, ChB said:

    I remember when Club Penguin was ranked the #1 MMORPG game. I checked out the game just to see why that is, but unfortunately, I didn't give it enough time because I was already addicted to Runescape back then (this was over 10 years ago). I'm sure that it has some great qualities, even after the new installment. The penguins are cute, and I'm sure that the online community there is at least a little cleaner than that of Runescape. Wish I could say more, but that's all I really know about the game.

    Wasn't RuneScape a lot more popular than Club Penguin for CP's entire existence? RS was full of people in '06/'07, and I think that's probably around Club Penguin's peak.

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  3. RIP game of my childhood. Played since '06, lost that account, had another since '07. On the last day, in the last few hours, I managed to get screenshots of my entire inventory, every puffle, and my igloo the last time I had membership.


    I'd like to thank Disney for absolutely destroying the game, and eventually killing it off for an inferior app.



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  4. 1 hour ago, leonbrony17 said:

    Welcome my friend. :)


    It's great to see you here. :):):)

    It's great to see you too Leon :)

    1 hour ago, LostSanity said:

    Hello and Welcome to this forum. I hope you can enjoy your time on here. Keep up with the show too if you can, because S7 will be returning from hiatus this weekend.


    Be forewarned though... I'm the controversial one. :megusta:

    Of course I plan on keeping up with the show, I'm a fan of the show on a forum for the show.

    But what do you mean "controversial"? :puzzled:


    16 minutes ago, Bakaarion said:

    One more time, Welcome to the forums, Meme ! :happy_twi:

    Your OC is nice !

    Thanks :HappyPinkie:

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