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  1. Wow today has been nothing but disappointing.

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    2. meme


      Asked for two things for birthday, got nothing. No cake. Not even getting the last remaining thing I could ask for, cheeseburgers for dinner. Simple enough, right? Nah, my mother doesn't feel like it so now I'm stuck with a PB&J sandwich for dinner if I feel like getting it later.


      I was worried today was going to be disappointing and unfortunately I was right.

    3. Captain Clark

      Captain Clark

      That sucks, dude. Really disappointing. Sorry :( 


      All of that was simple enough. Why didn't she get it for you?

    4. meme


      They forgot what I asked for and didn't bother asking again what I wanted. When I told her again today she said the reason was that they didn't have money, even though I had asked months in advance and reminded them multiple times since.

      Cake, probably because she'd made strawberry cake (I hate strawberry cake) and brownies a couple days ago.

      Dinner? Idk. It's not like I asked to be taken somewhere or cook some fancy food, it's just cheeseburgers.