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    The Changing Vibe of Pony Morals

    I enjoy this turn on it. The main demographic for the show is little girls. Now, while little girls aren't often at risk for this, women tend to be overgivers to the point where it becomes damaging. In fact, the majority of women have poor results for marriage and men tend to have higher. Teaching kids that "You can only help others once you've helped yourself" is important because of this. And with shows, sometimes they start to shift the message. If you have a four year old, then "You should help people!" is important to hear and show. But take that kid and age them up a bit, say ten or eleven and they're still watching, then the message of not giving too much is just as important. So new writers are going to shift things and the audience growing with shift things. And that's a good thing. If things were still like the first two seasons, it would be a kind of boring show by Season 7. (Obviously the information above is not related to all marriages, all women, nor all men. Merely the studies that were done on social relationships talk about it. I know selfish women and selfless guys and people who think they're selfless when they aren't.)
  2. hey tinsel im looking for something


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      Double good luck!

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      whoo boy im playing through alantica in kh2 and trying not to put head through wall

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      well i cleared it

  3. I went with a couple of friend to see it. We dressed up to do it so the time I had was fabulous. I realized far too late that one of my friends was the smartest because she chose to go as Applejack and didn't have to wear the wig. Regardless, my Celestia power suit, wig, and crown were awesome. And the wee little fans of the series got all sorts of excited over seeing us there. I also found myself having an even better time because of them as they reacted with HUGE emotions over stuff that I would have passed over. In other words, my jaded flank felt pulled in more as I would have as a kid because they were so into it. And when I wasn't, it was usually because I was stifling a giggle at them. I've had a hard couple of weeks and the movie pulled me out of it. For that reason, I most likely won't give a heavy opinion on the movie itself because it's too tied into other things for me now. In my opinion, watching leaked shows is one thing, but watching a movie is another. First, the show is more dependent on toy sales. If toy sales do well, then the show continues. Movies are dependent on box office numbers. Thus, the fewer people go, the less likely for another movie. Also importantly, Hasbro is likely trying to see what the adult fanbase does. It's far easier to market to children and while it's not advantageous now, that doesn't mean they won't use the box office data in making decisions later. I'm certainly not going to tell anyone that they have to pay to see it. That would be hypocritical of me since I have low funds and a SUPER hard time sitting in a theater. As my father once put it, "I need to get up and make myself a ham sandwich and walk around." The last time I went to the theater was about 3 years ago. That said, don't mock the people who are seeing it. There is a purpose: To support this part of the franchise and to show that the adult part of the fandom does want a voice.
  4. As I was driving home from work last night, I took the back way home so that I could get some sort of shake or ice cream or something.  I get off work at like ten, so it's pretty late at night.  I was pretty close to my complex when two young women got in the crosswalk.  I shrugged that off, but one of them came over to my car on the passenger's side.  Once again, kinda weird, but I figured maybe she wanted directions.  Yeah.... turns out she and her friend weren't just a little lost but something serious had happened and they were trying to get to a hotel as they were visiting from Mexico.  Mind you, I don't know the entire story because neither of them spoke english and my spanish is pidgeoned at best.

    After a couple minutes of my trying to pick up key words and both the girl and I playing a crazy version of charades, I called my own friend to let her know what was going on, gave her a time limit on when to panic if she didn't hear from me, and took the girls to the hotel... which was booked.  I know this because by the time we got there, we'd all figured out that I was the closest thing they had to a translator so I went in to help them get the room.  I asked the hotel lady if any of the other brand of her hotels were open, they weren't.  Next, she was calling other hotels for me and we found out that there was a conference in town.  We managed to find ONE hotel that had ONE room available.  And the only reason they did was because the room was on the second floor and there wasn't an elevator.  The girls jumped at the chance, we rushed over, and I played translator again.  This time, giving them my phone number as well as giving it to the hotel staff in case of emergencies since I'm also the closest thing they have to an emergency contact in town.

    I found the staircase that led to their room for them, said my good-byes, calmed one down because she was crying, and assured them that it was okay to call if something came up.  I haven't heard from them so I'm guessing everything worked out.  After, I actually had to ask my friend if all that happened or if I'd dreamed it because it felt surreal.  She assured me it wasn't a dream.  So yeah.  That happened.

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      Wow! Don't know what else to say.

  5. hey pulse

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      oh did I type the wrong name the first time

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      Maybe just a little.  Hi!

  6. Love to you all.  I'll respond to things tomorrow.  Today, I'm pretty sick so probably won't be on.  Have a great day everyone!

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      my prayers are with you

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      Just stay positive, it does wonders to your recovery.

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      Thank you!  All of you!  I'm going to be down for the count tomorrow as well, but I'm getting a lot of sleep.  I'm honestly more frustrated that I'm down for the count instead of rushing around like I'm used to, but your comments made me feel way better!

  7. hey tinsel well I wrote Kenny into my giga city stories as count violet (a keyblade wielding vampire)


    heres the video for his theme

  8. Tinsel Flow

    Spitfire fan club

    Hey, so, you realize that you insulted someone's character, sarcastically claimed you'd 'pay to see him be positive', and then tried to change the subject before leaving in order to not let him defend himself, right? Just checking to make certain you realize those facts. And yes, he can be positive. Which I could have easily told you if you would have done what he suggested and asked. He and I disagree on a lot of things, but he can be extremely positive. If you're going to accuse someone of something then you need to stay in the conversation and finish it. If you're upset about it derailing a topic, ask to take it to a PM or status update. As for your assertion that "Not everyone has seen all the episodes", well okay. But then you need to watch them in order to disagree if the character was or was not well written in them when someone says that those episodes ruined a character for them. I'm extremely positive. Like super positive. I agree with King Clark. Those two episodes really ruined the character for me. And I'll say it here: You don't want to talk about any of this here, fine. My PM and status updates are always open.
  9. hey flow

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      just killing boredom grannys at work

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      Good luck against the boredom!

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      I know a few tricks to beat boredom