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  1. Okay, so... my internet is going to be weird today.  So if I disappear in the middle of a chat or something, it's not you.  It's the internet hating me.  I'm going to glare at it a lot and shake my fist, but I'm not sure if that will actively fix it.  I'll answer when I can!

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    2. KennyTAG


      I understand. I had that issue MANY times over summer break. Still have some glitches here and there. Thank you for telling us. :) 

    3. King Clark

      King Clark

      That's fine. We can all relate. XD

    4. Tinsel Flow

      Tinsel Flow

      Thanks, guys.  I appreciate it.

  2. When she first became an alicorn, I wasn't surprised because I was expecting it soon or later. It just happened a little sooner than I would have expected instead of season finale as I'd been expecting since episode one. I do remember thinking "What has she done that the other five haven't?" I mean, her friends helped her every step of the way. The answSer came to me in how they use their cutie marks. Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Moondancer, and Twilight Sparkle all focused on magic. That was their lives. They just used it in vastly different ways. Sunset screwed up and tried to take over another dimension. Starlight made her town. Moondancer became a recluse. And Twilight followed Celestia to the letter, even panicking when she didn't. However, other than "Celestia's student", Twilight didn't really have a job. The other mane six do and their jobs are very important to them. Applejack already has Sweet Apple Acres. Rarity wants to open boutiques and make dresses and other clothes. Pinkie Pie loves working with the cakes. Fluttershy would much rather spend time with her animal friends away from a lot of other ponies. And Rainbow Dash wants to be part of a different famous group of ponies in the Wondercolts. None of them would be happy as a Princess because they'd have to leave something behind. Twilight doesn't. Nothing changed because her life was prepared for this. She didn't make the mistakes of Sunset or Starlight. She didn't pull away like Moondancer. She just followed the path with deviating from it. I am sorry if this has been discussed somewhere before. I just wanted to get my thoughts out and get others opinions on if you think this is the in-show reason why only Twilight got her powers or if there was some other reason. I've just seen discussion on the other mane six deserving it as much as Twilight to be an alicorn princess yet only Twilight got that honor. So, do you guys think that it was because the other five already had jobs and things that they wouldn't have given up? Does it matter and should they have gotten the same treatment as Twilight anyway? Would they have even enjoyed it or would it have seemed a burden?
  3. If it is a fan project, it looks like it will be a pretty one. I hope it's that!
  4. There is nothing like waking up in the morning to your surrogate kid not being able to reach you because he forgot how to call on the messenger system, not being able to get ahold of him after you see the messages, trying to call him, trying to call his mom before remembering that her boss took away her phone because she was glancing at it every hour to see if the kids needed her (but let everyone ELSE use their phones whenever), and finally trying to get ahold of her at work.  Nope.  TOTALLY A NORMAL WAKE UP DAY.  I'll be over here, getting over my heart attack.

  5. When I'm super tired and having trouble sleeping, my brain does the equivalent of starting out with Fluttershy's version of "Hush Now, Quiet Now" and promptly switches over to Sweetie Belle's right when I'm on the edge of sleep.

    Still going to try to sleep.  Hopefully Sweetie Belle's distracted.  Good night/morning/part-of-the-day-you're-on!

    1. Infinite


      good night friend

  6. I have a few problems with it. First, the music. It does meld well with the rest of the MLP music nor with more of the teasers. Second, the date. 8/21/17 The next two episodes are due on 8/19/17 and 8/26/17. I'm not saying they won't do it in the future. I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't an alicorn for the last episode. But they really haven't been leaning her toward being an alicorn of anything. Twilight has been set up to be connected with Friendship since the first episode. I supposed it could be of redemption or something, but she's not there yet. Regardless, the dates especially make me think it's false.
  7. Umm, you do know that I made a topic about good things in bad episodes, right?

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    2. Tinsel Flow

      Tinsel Flow

      Like I said, if we're dealing with young children the three months is a long time.  Loss doesn't have to be forever or be because of death.  I just had to give up my cat to my best friend.  I'm over there every week.  I know its better for his asthma.  I know that it's the best situation for everyone.  There shouldn't be a sense of loss here because I see him all the time.  But there was.  For a little kid, that feeling would be stronger because days seem longer and time seems longer for them.  And while Tank comes back, he didn't at the end of the episode.  Like I said, it's a gentle aid to help kids learn their feelings about loss.  My only major problem was that Rainbow Dash didn't get in trouble for it like she should have.  But her doing it?  Well, that's an exaggerated version of what people do.

    3. King Clark

      King Clark

      But using a 3 month absence as a replacement for death is really ill advised. Even when you are working on a kids show, the allegory needs to be somewhere in the ballpark. This wasn't even close. Death is permanent loss and hibernation is just three months. 


      The Tantabus from DPDOMS was a far far better allegory because it allowed the story to actually have some stakes. You really felt like Luna's actions were going to have serious negative consequences. TftM doesn't.

    4. Tinsel Flow

      Tinsel Flow

      Technically, we're taking it as death you know but it's never stated that it HAS to be an allegory for death.  Loss isn't death.  Or at least, it doesn't have to be.  And the 5 stages of grief still work for non-death things.  As a little kid, my father was in business and had to make two week long business trips.  I was cry and sulk and put toys in his briefcase when I wasn't supposed to be in there.  I cried when my cousins had to go home after visiting.  So let's change away from death and look at kids whose parents are getting divorced.  No one is dying, but that's a huge thing of grief.  Their life has to completely change and that's hard on a kid and it has loss associated with it.  Friends moving away, summer break without being able to see their friends, misplacing a favored stuffed animal and not being able to find it.  There are other forms of loss.  And the younger you are, the harder these feelings affect you because you don't know how to deal with them.  For a kid, losing your way of life, even for three months is huge.

  8. Woooo!! 100 likes for Tinsel Flow.


    Yes, I did just give you a like right now so I could send you this message. :P 

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      Tinsel Flow

      LOL  Yay me!  Also thank you!

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      Congrats, Tinsel!

    3. Tinsel Flow

      Tinsel Flow

      Thank you!  I appreciate it!

  9. hey I'm back from my long rest whats up?

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    2. Tinsel Flow

      Tinsel Flow

      Working on going to sleep.  I'm at that point where I'm super tired, but having trouble getting to where I can sleep.

      You're welcome!  I hope you're having a wonderful day!

    3. Infinite


      heres a little prayer for you

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    4. Tinsel Flow

      Tinsel Flow

      Aww!  Thank you!  I'm going to post an update and then try to shut off my electronics and possibly sleep.  XD

  10. Cinder Vel has a very good point. I mean, sure Ember and Thorax are different than their stereotypes, but the species they came from have their reputations for a good reason. That said, if Spike is just imagining it, I hope that he's still able reintroduce the two species and help with that. I can't imagine that the two groups are already friends. I also hope that if they're attacking each other, it's because they're both trying to do the "right thing". Like defend Spike from a potential threat because he was their first friend. I'm apprehensive about this episode, but I hope it's good!
  11. Those are very different situations. This was about being too positive and too negative about aspects of something you enjoy as a fan. The Simpsons episode was about going overboard with children's sports. (The latter was not a good representation of that, but still.) Yes, some of the ponies were hating on Fluttershy and Rarity, but then you had the ponies that were going too far in the other direction with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. Plus, no pony was trying to get the main six to kill themselves.
  12. I think if they would have deux ex machina'd their way out of the situation, then it would have been insulting and harsh, but they didn't. Starlight getting those two little fillies who had learned something and who we had somewhat of an investment in was the better plan. It shows that no matter how much negativity is thrown out, there are still fans who get what you were trying to show. That doesn't mean that negativity shouldn't happen because criticism is important to making a better show, but that the ponies out there had no boundaries and seemed to forget that in that universe, the book was about real ponies, not fictional ones. Criticism can feel louder than praise sometimes and the show showed that. I think it's going to be dependent on every pony of how they thought about this, but if you're giving your critique in a calm and rational manner, then the episode wasn't about you. It was about ponies who are harsh with what they say and loud about it without taking boundaries and tact into their thoughts. I loved the song. I found the images with it simply adorable. Rarity's stress-sewing was absolutely relatable for me and I loved Starlight Glimmer's backing all of the other ponies up without it being a story about her. She was just willing to go to bat for all of them and I loved that. So yeah, I liked it.
  13. Yeah. I think that's part of the stereotype that they're going with (the same one that really annoyed me). I have heard a lot of older people claim that younger people don't want jobs and that they aren't trying. Or basically pull exactly what he does in this episode. Do those people exist? Yes, but a lot more rarely and those people are kinda terrible and are in all age groups. They're also super rare. I certainly wouldn't want to watch an episode about anyone doing this and I don't understand why they think I would. It's insulting, aggravating, and those people don't just turn around which makes the entire thing worse!