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  1. Reaper crew

    Hello everypony!

    Hey mate I hope you enjoy your time on the forms
  2. Reaper crew

    Who would like to do an oc roleplay

    Well idk what's going to happen really but I know is that it takes place in the Cristal empire I'm not good at rp
  3. Reaper crew

    Who would like to do an oc roleplay

    I hear a knock at my door "who could that be" I say
  4. Reaper crew

    Who would like to do an oc roleplay

    Hey guys would you like to roleplay with your oc in the mlp universe reply to this with your oc and keep the story going and if your new and we're in the middle of something on the rp then find a place to add your oc mine is atom the Cristal empires scientist
  5. Reaper crew

    Call me out, please?

    Umm I know how to get the f@ck you missal trophy
  6. Hey guys you looking for a 7dtd server just join mine I'm looking for bronys to help me survive just look up minchester in the modded server tab to join
  7. Hey guys can u find a gmod sandbox pony roleplay iv been looking
  8. He is kind of like sunburst but be studies science mostly physically or astronomy basted off of what I like. He kinda looks like vinyl but his main has a bit less light blue
  9. Well I just made this a few days ago and I found out people are very nice here unlike DEV ART. So all you guys need to know is I'm a fan of glimmer and Trixie also Luna. I do have a oc his name is atom he is a unicorn and Cristal pony he is the Cristal empires scientist
  10. Reaper crew

    Happy birthday Meme. :)

    Wow I knew the forms where nice but this is wow this is a great place
  11. Welcome meme I am also new I don't know where anything is and how to post stuff
  12. What do u guys think the story ark of the mlp movie is going to be about and don't just say friendship I know that
  13. Reaper crew

    Do you think the film will be rated G or PG?

    Pg there is some fighting in the movie