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  1. sagami

    worst video games ever!

    Probably Dinosaur King on Nintendo DS... Then Catwoman (Gamecube), Draggon's Lair (SNES) and Star Wars Yoda's Story (GBA).
  2. sagami


    Welcome mate! Hope you enjoy your time here, I will give your reviews a try!
  3. sagami

    The Banned Game

    Banned for double-ban
  4. sagami

    The Banned Game

    Banned because I don't watch Steven Universe
  5. sagami

    Starting to make Radioplays. Help wanted.

    Same as the previous reply: I can do some (small) voices once in a while. I've always been told that a have a really "radio-styled" voice. BUT, I'm french and despite my almost perfect English (ooohhhhh yeah I like to please my own ego), I still have some accent left. Just tell me if you're interested. Bisous, Saga.
  6. sagami

    Cartoons you like better than MLP.

    Wakfu: great cartoon from my homeland! ^^
  7. sagami

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    Avatars are mainstream...
  8. sagami

    The Banned Game

    Banned for just changing one word of the previous ban.
  9. sagami

    Disney Thread

    Favorite Disney Movies: 1) Treasure Planet. GO WATCH IT. Also one of my favorite movies altogether. 2) Atlantis. 3) Lilo & Stitch 4) Zootopia 5) Emperor's New Groove Favorite Pixar Movies: 1) The Incredibles 2) Monsters Inc. 3) Finding Nemo 4) A Bug's Life 5) Toy Story Favorite Dreamworks Movies: 1) Road To El Dorado 2) Sinbad 3) Shrek 4) Kung-Fu Panda 2 5) Prince Of Egypt By the way these Atlantis MLP fanarts are amazing!!
  10. sagami

    Anyone starting to like the films more?

    I don't get all the hate towards LoE..... It's probably my second favorite EG movie (after Rainbow Rocks!), mainly because of the songs and character dev. Overall I enjoy both the show and movies, but the movies feel more natural.... I dunno, for example there are some episodes I still haven't watch because I do not care enough for the characters involved (most of Rarity episodes for instance), but the movies never cease to amaze me like I was 8! Also I'm both a fanfic writer and reader, and I don't really enjoy Equestria fics. I think that EG stories are way more interesting and fun to read, so that may play a part. Saga.
  11. I know they're background characters, but VINYYYYYYYL!!!!!!!!!!! Also the Dazzlings, and probably Sunset Shimmer!
  12. sagami

    Equestria Girls YouTube Series

    I actually have high hopes for this youtube project. This platform is way more directed toward 15 to 30 y.o than towards little kids, so they could do some interesting and funny stuff on there... We'll wait and see I guess.
  13. sagami

    Just a new french guy

    Yes please get this done xD It was like 3 a.m in France so I xas sleeping and couldn't tell you guys sooner, but don't concern yourselves over a bad joke of mine on "best languages" Kisses <3
  14. sagami

    Just a new french guy

    Haha don't worry man I don't get offended that easily! First of all, for the "best" stuff, I thought it was pretty obvious that I was joking (french people also have a reputation of self-centered) so I should work on my phrasing I guess. I don't like when people feel sorry for me and I'm not looking for that. Perhaps I should've added that these deaths (btw, it's not a lie or anything) led me to join the fandom. Yeah. Probably should've said that. Gonna edit my post. For the last statement, allow me to quote you: "I don't mean to offend", but you may have problems with 2nd degree humor (or maybe I'm not funny I don't know). Here you go mate, sorry for the misunderstandings ^^"
  15. sagami

    Art Thief!

    I mean, this guy is obviously just a troll (at least for his conversation with the other guy)... Yes he's a douchebag, but you shouldn't worry too much about this part, for the art stealing maybe contact the artist if you know who it is... Nice of you to try and help others though! ^^ Saga.