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  1. So many good idea! thank you all! What about combining two of them. Shadow Query.
  2. it looks like unicorn is going to be it. I like the names you have both come up with, going to have to think about it. Also, J. Brony, I was thinking a dark scheme as well, something along those line.
  3. When I said 'at first' I had meant in the past. I do agree that they are to be special, and it should, generally, be earned. Sorry for the confusion there.
  4. First of all, thank you all for being willing to help me with this. Second, have you ever come up with something when you are tired and think " that's not bad" but after you get some sleep you go "sweet Celestia, what was i thinking" than name was this. I wholly agree that it is clunky and pompous. This is to be my OC, so a little about myself may be in order. I have always been a curious person, wanting to know how everything works. for example, when I was in kindergarten I took apart a bench vice, still don't know when my class room had one, to figure it out, would have put it back together if the teacher hadn't stopped me... Anyway, I am good with mechanics and electronic technology, I can design a system or device from almost any idea. I can understand the workings on almost and electronic system; computers, no mater the OS, 3D Printers, TVs, etc. I have trained as a sound engineer for over a decade, along with lighting design and systems also technical theater. I am eager to learn anything new, be it Technic or system, scientific or creative. I have been fascinated with the night sky since I was a child, sadly I have never gotten a good telescope to observe more. I am always observing and analyzing my surroundings, learning about people as individuals and general human behavior, also doing the same to myself, trying to figure out my own psyche and behavior. Though at first I did want an Alicorn OC, purely for flight and magic. I believe a unicorn would fit me best, though maybe a bat pony? What do you think of a unicorn born to the bat pony race? I am up for suggestions on race as well. To be honest, I have been trying off and on to figure out an OC for year, I'm just bad at coming up with one for myself. Thank you all again for the willingness to help me. Thank you for your time, Jtocool
  5. Hello, I'm Jtocool, I have been around since... well ether mid season one or two, I am not really sure. I am really wanting some help with my OC name. I hope this is an OK place to post. I was thinking "Eternal Observation", but I think there might be something, off, about it. Really, i want something that would mean 'always curious'. I like eternal because I love the night, and Luna, and it has a night time feel. and observation is good because I am always watching and analyzing everything around me. They make a good double meaning. Anyway, could I get anyone's thoughts by chance? It would be most appreciated. Thank you for your time, Jtocool