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  1. M2 Ball

    Yes or No

    Yes. Do you have a gym membership?
  2. M2 Ball

    Yes or No

    Yes. Do you typically read at least a dozen books in a year?
  3. I am watching YouTube videos and browsing this site while waiting for my nails to fully dry (I am waiting for the second color coat to dry. Afterward, I just need a clear topcoat.). :awesomecheer:

    1. Ika Musume

      Ika Musume

      Oooh what color?

    2. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      I am using an alternating pattern of purple and black.

  4. M2 Ball

    The Pony After Me (T.P.A.M.)

    As far as I know, I don’t own anything that was 3D printed. TPAM is using an outdated smartphone.
  5. M2 Ball

    Yes or No

    Yes. Do you hug friends and/or family members?
  6. M2 Ball

    Wat Do?!

    I wonder why Ika Musume is in my neighborhood looking at that figurine in a small bookstore. You end up taking a side job, but the employer pays you in an obscure and volatile cryptocurrency. Wat do?
  7. M2 Ball

    Yes or No

    No (the cold weather doesn't bother me, but the snow can make work more hectic). Do you have allergies?
  8. M2 Ball

    You Can only talk with pictures

  9. M2 Ball

    The Pony After Me (T.P.A.M.)

    I don’t own any anime figurines. TPAM owns at least 200 books.
  10. M2 Ball

    The Banned Game

    Banned for not having enough Tiberium silos.
  11. M2 Ball

    Yes or No

    Yes. Do you use a computer that doesn’t run Windows?
  12. M2 Ball

    You Can only talk with pictures

  13. M2 Ball

    Post a Fact About the User Above You

    Has a pony wearing sunglasses for his avatar picture.