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  1. It looks like I have a zebra fursona figurine on my dasbhoard. :awesomecheer:


    Starlight Glimmer recently got a large dragon plushie. She has been hanging out with you, Trixie, and Minuette for some time, and all of a sudden, she is driving a custom armored Toyota Sequoia.  She insists that you all drink your hot chocolate inside of the vehicle.  Starlight Glimmer says that she got the armored vehicle to protect her new plushie, and when you go around to various places, she always drives this vehicle. When she arrives at the destination, she has you, Trixie, and Minuette look around the perimeter to make sure things are safe.  You never see anything that is remotely threatening to her plushie, and Starlight makes you wear various kigurumi outfits as uniforms when you are on the security detail. Wat do?

  2. When it comes to money, I don't possess any English pence.

    And that last post of mine certainly didn't make any sense.

    On my day off from work, I am posting here and there.

    While relaxing in a T-shirt and underwear.

    My old Toyota Corolla does in fact need new windshield wipers.

    But seriously, which one of you sent me this box of adult diapers?

    I know I am getting older.

    And someone's actions are getting bolder.

    Is this an elaborate prank?

    Or does someone want me having a poofy flank?

  3. It won’t be long before there is no forum to host.

    And what so far in this thread have we decided to post?

    Memories related to forums of the past.

    After all, it seems that people had a blast. 
    And as for a stale thread, there is no need to worry.

    As there is a goofy zebra furry.

    He enjoys spreading the oddness everywhere.

    About as much as someone else likes seeing cute girls in their swimwear.

    There’s certainly no way this thread will be tanking.

    When a grown-up zebra stays up late and jokes about being disciplined with grounding and spanking.

    The casually and strangely dressed zebra doesn’t mind getting strange looks.

    Because he’s an oddball with lots of books.

    As for a near-future furry meet, the zebra may tell us his tales.

    But he must first get ready and paint all of his nails.

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