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  1. I approve of this! :gleepony:



  2. Seventy-seven years ago on this day, Nazi Germany came to an end. :happybonbon:

  3. Happy birthday! :partycannon:

    1. Ika Musume

      Ika Musume

      Thank you so much! :D I had an MLP themed party with my friends 

    2. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      That seems like an interesting party. :awesomedash:


      My birthday is close to the date of a furry convention, so maybe mine will be furry-themed in a certain sense. :awesomecheer:

  4. Collectively blaming and “canceling” Russians for Putin’s criminal invasion of Ukraine is just as bad as collectively blaming the Chinese people for COVID-19.

  5. I am going to hang out with my new friend and give them another hug this weekend. :glomp: We definitely seem to “click” well, and we are the same age. I am glad that I finally decided to check out real life furry meetups, as that is how we met after chatting on Discord for awhile.


    I would like to get to know them better as time progresses. In all honesty, I think I may have a bit of a crush on them. :wub:

  6. If BLM, striking workers, or indigenous rights protesters did this, the police would violently disperse them within fifteen minutes. Don’t you love it when far-right and fascist fringe elements get treated with kid gloves?



  7. I should probably be doing some reading.

    *Puts in earbuds.*

    She's crazy like a fool.
    Wild about Daddy Cool.


  8. So...are the spammers trying to apply to become moderators? :awesomecheer:

  9. This stuff is too outlandish to be fiction:



    1. Ika Musume

      Ika Musume

      All I can say is

      We live in a society 

  10. Powerful dentistry spell that works overnight! Remove tartar, cavities, and decay! Regenerate lost tooth areas and eliminate the need for crowns! NEW YORK, HARARE, MOSCOW, DUBLIN, ZURICH, SAN FRANCISCO!


    Sorry. I had to do it to keep pace with the “spirit” of the forums these days. :awesomecheer:

    1. Mr. X
    2. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      Wow indeed! Why spend all of that time and money on postsecondary dental schooling when one can learn how to cast the powerful dental spell that works overnight? :awesomecheer:

    3. Ika Musume

      Ika Musume

      OOOH THIS COULD BE REAL! Better give away my credit card info :awesomecheer:

  11. Dear spammers,

    I am a Nigerian prince, and I am interested in your services. In fact, with my connections, you will get large volume purchases; government contracts are guaranteed for your services. Please send me your bank account information so I can send you the payment from my account in Lagos. Totally legit! :awesomecheer:

  12. The world needs people like this:




  13. The world needs people like this:




  14. The world needs people like this:




  15. Can we please see unicorns posting about spells instead of spammers?

  16. It’s become abundantly clear that a reactionary judge has rigged the trial so Kyle Rittenhouse, a neo-fascist who illegally armed himself  and crossed state lines to confront those he didn’t like, has a snowball’s chance in hell of being convicted for what he did.


    It doesn’t take a genius to see that things would have ended very differently if a black teenager illegally acquired a weapon, crossed state lines, and killed people at a far-right riot or rally of some sort.

    1. Ika Musume

      Ika Musume

      These kind of things are really really hard to watch happen. That's why it's always important to raise awareness

    2. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      Not surprisingly, he got off scot-free in the rigged criminal case. At the very least, I hope Rittenhouse gets inundated with civil suits to the same degree that these forums are getting inundated with spam posts. He may have gotten away with it like O.J. Simpson and George Zimmerman, but he is “damaged goods”. He’s also easily recognizable and is sorely lacking in intellect (even his lawyer advised him to change his name and “disappear”). Being the poster boy for the fascist Alt-Right will have consequences, even if they don’t result in a prison sentence. I can’t imagine any serious manager or business owner wanting to hire someone like him. And even if he gets a GED and goes to some sort of college, many of his classmates will certainly despise him.

  17. Undetectable counterfeit money? Are these spammers pushing North Korean supernotes? 

  18. What I should be doing: Reading The Economist and Foreign Affairs.

    What I have actually been doing: Sitting around in unicorn kigurumi pajamas and listening to Elton John, Billy Joel, and Rick Astley.


  19. Tonight’s random insomnia induced thought:


    I want black nail polish, white nail polish, and a furry zebra tail I can clip to the back of my belt. :gleepony:

  20. *Boops and hugs.*

    1. Leonbrony17


      *boops and hugs you back*

  21. A recent misinformation campaign has been trying to fool us into believing that Ted Cruz is not the Zodiac Killer.

    Nice try. :awesomecheer:

    1. Ika Musume

      Ika Musume

      I was saying the saaame thiiiing

    2. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      It’s easy for Ted Cruz to frame Gary Francis Poste, given that he is no longer around to be able to refute such allegations. :awesomecheer:

  22. Ivermectin 2021: The Movie


  23. Happy Birthday! 



    *Boops and hugs.*

    1. Leonbrony17


      Thank you. :)


      *boops and hugs back*