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  1. Some job applications are so redundant I am honestly not sure why they want a resume.

  2. I stayed up past my bedtime, and now I am being lazy well into the morning. :awesomecheer:

    1. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      I have hundreds of books to chose from in my personal library. 


      How do things work if I stay up past my bedtime? Do I get rewarded by Princess Luna for spending more time enjoying the night, or do I get punished by Princess Celestia for spending less time enjoying the day? :awesomecheer:

    2. Leonbrony17


      That is a tough choice indeed.




    3. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      Scholars still haven’t figured out the answer to such a question.

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  3. Devilman! Devilman! Calling! Devilman!


    Running in my head, yeah!


    Devilman! Devilman! Calling! Devilman!


    Running in my head, yeah! :awesomecheer:


  4. I’m the operator with my pocket calculator. :awesomecheer:

  5. *Plays the Team America: World Police theme song.* :awesomecheer:

  6. The new Ruger Wrangler piqued my interest, given its affordable price and the fact that I don’t have an “Old West” single action revolver. Much to my chagrin, the gun is classified as a “Saturday Night Special” under my state’s legislation; it cannot legally be sold here. I guess I will have to save up for a Single Six or Vaquero.

  7. I am enjoying Rammstein’s new album. However, I do wish I had the time to immerse myself in learning the German language. My limited knowledge of the language has enabled me to understand the general meaning of some of the songs on my own, but I still sometimes rely on translations.

  8. Extra money is nice, but it is also nice to have spare time again now that I am done with all of this overtime work.

  9. I should probably use some of this paid vacation I have accrued.

  10. Three Nazis walked into a BAR.  It was so Garand!

  11. I hate my life!

    And I hate you!

    I hate my wife!

    And her boyfriend too!


    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      okay whats up?

    2. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      I posted lyrics to a song I was listening to when I was bored.  Sorry if I caused any confusion (I am not having any problems).

    3. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      ahh its okay


    1. AaronMk
    2. M2 Ball

      M2 Ball

      The negation of the negation is apodictic in nature. :approve:

  13. Would the NRA kindly go to hell? They are doing far more to undermine civilian gun ownership in the United States than Bloomberg or Feinstein could ever hope to achieve on their own.

  14. I have been quite busy at work, but I am not complaining about this overtime money pouring in on top of what I have been getting back from tax returns.


  15. I was hoping to get a copy of the recent MLP movie on Blu-Ray, but the store was out of stock. 

  16. Regarding weight lifting, I am slowly coming out of the plateau in which I was stuck. :approve:

  17. Glock is releasing a variant of their rejected MHS entry as the Glock 19X on the civilian market.  I like my Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks, but the later stuff has gotten to the point of being mere gimmicks, for the most part.  A longer Glock 17 grip with a shorter Glock 19 barrel and slide?  If I want to conceal and carry a gun, I will stick with my Gen 4 Glock 19.  If I want a full-size gun, I will use my Gen 3 Glock 17 for more optimal sight radius.

  18. Shoot your local Klansman. :approve:

  19. Do the Chinese spambots provide revenue for North Korea?

  20. The internet in the United States is brought to you by Carl’s Jr. Sit back and enjoy some Brawndo if you are waiting to load from the “slow lane”.

  21. Stalin was not a communist. True story.

  22. I am replaying Metal Gear Solid for the first time in years.  I can definitively say that the ductwork crawling makes absolutely no sense, given that I have actual HVAC knowledge and experience. :awesomecheer: