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  1. Decided to get some practice in.
  2. Quick update, here's the playlist for all the episodes and all upcoming episodes;
  3. Fizzban

    Let's Fight Them Herds!

    I think I'll adopt the approach that if I go into multiplayer, there's a chance I'll wind up against someone who might be as terrible as I am XD
  4. Fizzban

    Let's Fight Them Herds!

    Decided to try out this game, huzzah! Dec
  5. So yeah, saw this one EQD some days back and wanted to give it a try! If you ever wondered what this game was about, check it out!
  6. I started a playthrough of the newest update. Rather than dropping videos in one long list, I figured I'd just put the playlist with the videos in here in case anyone wants to follow along!
  7. Fizzban

    annoying enemies

    Dark Souls Anor Londo archers...
  8. Fizzban

    Decided to play MegaPony again!

    Time for the final showdown with Discord. One more level, one more boss, here we go!
  9. Fizzban

    Decided to play MegaPony again!

    Almost at the end!
  10. Fizzban

    What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

    Hmm, for me I think it's a toss up between 7, 9, 10 and 15. 10 was actually the first FF game I ever played and the rest came later, so I guess it holds a special place for me... I think I'm gonna end up on 7 for my favorite game, though. It just has the most memorable characters and setting, although that may be influenced by me watching the Advent Children movie quite a lot
  11. Fizzban

    Decided to play MegaPony again!

    These levels are getting rather challenging...