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  1. Mister Asmodeus

    What's your poison?

    Smoking. It's a stupid habit, kids, don't ever start.
  2. Mister Asmodeus

    What are you listening to?

  3. Mister Asmodeus

    In which ways are you old-fashioned?

    Well, here goes. Not sure if you'd call this old-fashioned, but I'd never say anything online I wouldn't say to someone's face. I call it hypocrisy. I prefer physical copies of my games. Books, too. I think men are more attractive when they're tough, and have a little hair on their chest. I still embody a time when people could hear a joke and not go home to their Tumblr blogs to cry about it.
  4. Mister Asmodeus

    Asmo Rising

    Oh, I've been to that place. Better than the mall we have up here.
  5. Mister Asmodeus

    Asmo Rising

    We meet again, Rodli.
  6. Mister Asmodeus

    Asmo Rising

    Kokomo. Ever been?
  7. Mister Asmodeus

    Asmo Rising

    Thanks, guys! ^_^ Roman Reigns is terrible.
  8. Mister Asmodeus

    Asmo Rising

    Thank ya! Please, if it's easier, you can call me Asmo. All my friends do.
  9. Mister Asmodeus

    Asmo Rising

    You change your sig a lot, huh?
  10. Mister Asmodeus

    Asmo Rising

    Why not terrifying virtue?
  11. Mister Asmodeus

    Asmo Rising

  12. Mister Asmodeus

    Asmo Rising

    Mister Asmodeus here, reporting in from Indiana. Been a brony about four years now. Only been a part of a few pastel horse forums. Most active on Everypony, where I serve as a forum mod. I do roleplay, and have a decent number of OCs, ranging from a bat pony guitarist to a revenant-style zombie. Starlight is best Mane 7, Luna is best Princess, and Vinyl is best background. These are all facts. Other stuff about me? -I love professional wrestling, and have even taken the time to learn the basics like taking bumps and selling moves. My favorite wrestler is The Undertaker, generic as that is to say. -I'm a gamer, and have been spending a lot of time on Dark Souls 3 lately. I suck at it, but hey, so does nearly everybody. -Metalhead. My favorite bands are Amon Amarth, Nightwish, Megadeth, Dark Tranquility, 3 Inches of Blood, and Tarot. No particular order. -I love cartoons, and Rick & Morty is my current favorite. Rick Sanchez is my spirit animal. -I'm only extroverted after a few shots.