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    Name: (Cadet) Dante Species: Pegasus (possibly a bat pony, still working on it) Status: Single Gender: Male Residence: Canterlot/Cadet Academy Occupation: Cadet/Knight/servant (will be explained later) Personality: Polite, Loyal, Competative, Formal gentlecolt most of the time, Can be boastful, respectful, presentable, courteous, traditional, humorous, angered easily Shortened Backstory: Dante was born into a proud royal guard family in Canterlot, as so he was raised as a respectful, presentable, loyal, and courteous colt, as he started getting older his brother,a royal guard, started being harder on him about joining the guard, eventually when he was 15 after pressure from tradition he joined the cadets (as seen in uniform in the picture of him below) he is currently in the cadet academy for the lunar guard (which is brother is in so he insisted) training.