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  1. 23 minutes ago, LostSanity said:

    Hello and Welcome to this forum. I hope you can enjoy your stay on here. I also hope your able to keep up with the show as well, as S7 is once again on-going.


    But just so you know... I'm the controversial one. :megusta:

    Thanks for the welcome! I have been able to stay up to date (and unfortunately, thanks to YT's recommended videos thing, spoiled about something almost every week). I am planning on seeing the movie on opening weekend too. 

  2. Hello there, ponies of the Forums, StormShadow here! I've been visiting EqD for a couple years now, and the Discord for about half a year, and decided to finally establish a presence here. I have plenty of links to other social media and gaming platforms on my profile if you want to get in touch with me on other platforms.