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  1. Sacred

    Who is best pony?

    Ya'll are heretics.
  2. Sacred


    Would you like to engage in the fisti of cuffs?
  3. Sacred

    Ghost Politics Is Back!

    This is 2015, right?
  4. Sacred

    Rarity's New Home

    I didn't command anything excuse me?
  5. Sacred

    shoot all your problems away

    What good is shooting my problems away if I don't get to feel the enjoyment of solving them?
  6. Sacred

    Competitive Map Rotation

    Competitive map rotation. DeGroot. Junction.
  7. Sacred

    Twitch's Bob Ross Marathon

    There is a God among us.
  8. Sacred

    Why Real Gamers Suck at Nintendo

    A game is a game. Everyone has their preferences, much like how I love Path of Exile more than Diablo 3 because I feel that PoE is both more innovative and more intriguing. That isn't to say though that Diablo in general wasn't innovative, cause the Diablo series has changed gaming quite a bit, in my opinion. Plenty of games bring their own spice of variety into the gaming world and unveil things that are foreign to other games. Hardcore gamers are the kind of people that usually focus on one kind of gaming genre and disown most others due to them not having a presence compared to the genre they are attuned to. This of course, being spoken in the general sense that all Hardcore gamers are of the kind that strictly play the "Now" games, the kind of games I refer to as being usually the most bought, and being known for having the largest multiplayer population (ex. Call of Duty.) Other kinds of "Hardcore" gamers being those who will call you out if you don't or haven't played a specific game (ex. Dark Souls.) Overall, it's just silly. I play what I enjoy and play what I like competing in.
  9. Punk Rock/Hardcore Punk shows are absolutely nuts when there's enough people.

    Tonight was my second show I've ever gone to (First being FIDLAR which mind you was fucking amazing and I want to relive that shit) and good lord. Mosh pits are one of few things that will exhaust me and make me truly sweat. The more shows I go to, the more I love it. The only thing I didn't like tonight was the broken beer bottles, but I think that's a fair tradeoff for a damn good show and an awesome time with friends.

  10. Sacred

    Space Jam Mashup Thread

    You have called upon he who listens to all that is right and glorious of the young Quad City DJ's