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  1. Tolstoy

    MVM list

    I've only played it a little, but I've really enjoyed it when I have. If you'd take someone fairly newbish to it, feel free to keep me in mind (we're already friends).
  2. Tolstoy

    Random Crit Poll

    The Results so far are interesting. And the "additional comments" box is fantastic.
  3. Tolstoy

    What Makes You Smile In TF2?

  4. Tolstoy


    The only time I have a problem with it is when a server is low on folks and 1 guy is going so hard as to make everyone up and leave. A pro spy/sniper can clear shit out quickly. Casuals won't stick around long enough to fill the server if they can't engage an enemy. But that's really it. If the server can sustain with the play style, I don't see a problem. I think it only matters if it kills the server.
  5. Tolstoy

    What do you do to calm down?

    Go for a run. (followed by drinking heavily)
  6. Tolstoy

    Top 10 Plays

    #1 is why I'm terrified of scouts.
  7. Tolstoy

    Seeding Group

    I'm always happy to help start up a server.
  8. Tolstoy

    What do you main?

  9. Tolstoy

    Team Balancing

    Yes. This. Please. This group has an incredible amount of talent playing in it, but damn it is hard to get the server going when one team is just rolling the other every round.
  10. Tolstoy

    Favorite Video Game Tracks.

    The ChronoTrigger soundtrack pulls at my heartstrings.
  11. Tolstoy

    Hello again

    This went as expected. Good.
  12. Tolstoy

    Hello again

    Ahoy. I've followed you all to keep getting exploded by you all. Enjoy.
  13. Tolstoy

    When do you play?

    While my kids nap/sleep or are taken by their grand parents.