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  1. Heather Feathersong

    Looking for artists and editors for big Halloween project for next year!

    Ah no forgive me for not making it clear, we were thinking in the style of say the TF2 Analysis Brony videos almost an animatic feel you know? The game kind of runs the same so we thought that would be the for the best.
  2. Hello everyone my name is Heather Feathersong, I have come to make friends but also to seek others who would be interested in helping me for a pretty big project. Myself and my friend StarryFlame01 who you may see in Obabscribblers works from time to time are huge fans of the game/anime Danganronpa. A murder mystery type of game with elements of comedy and horror. It focuses on 15-16 talented high school students who are given an "Ultimate" title, "Ultimate Singer", "Ultimate All-Star", etc. We came to the conclusion that this would be perfect to adapt with members of the brony community! Starry and myself are working on the script and we are gathering members in our collective social circles with big personalities. Such as Princess Deadpool and Dawillstanator. We are still gathering members (and do not ask us to be cast in it please), however obviously a big factor is that we are in need of artwork. Backgrounds, pony vectors, what have you. Such a big project is going to take time which is why we are going to make this a year long project. What will you get out of this? Well I am currently working for my father who pays when he can and just about to get a new job...and Starryflame I am not sure. We can't really pay out of pocket...we have discussed trying to raise the money and we may still do that...but otherwise all we can promise is full credit , and promise of a favor that we could possibly fulfill and of course our unending gratitude. We are very engaging people and we want this to be fun for everyone working on it! We are also patient people and understanding of when life just comes in. If you are fans of the series or this sounds interesting and you'd like to learn more please message me and we can discuss things. If you wish to join please send me examples of work so that I can share with my partner. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from at least one or two people. Have a wonderful evening, or day, whatever time it is for you ^_^