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  1. thunder flair

    xbox 360

    its coool if you want just send me a message whenever you want to play halo 4, world of tanks (my hiest tear is 7 if i remember correctly), or minecraft
  2. thunder flair

    xbox 360

    i dont own MNC or batman, i do own SSFIV arcade edition but i suck at fighting games but will play them just send me a friend request and we will play
  3. thunder flair

    xbox 360

    yea its been on xbox for 4 months? i wanna say im not sure when it came to xbox
  4. thunder flair

    Battlefield Hardline

    i play hardline on the xbox 360 only all the time so yea if you wanna play together msg num6er 1 ki11er
  5. thunder flair

    xbox 360

    gamertag = num6er 1 ki11er the games i want to play are advanced warfare, chivelry medieval warfare, counter strike global offensive, deadliest warrior battlegrounds, so yea if you have any of these games message me and ill get back to you when i can
  6. thunder flair

    xbox 360

    want some friends to play with enter the game you want to play and your gamertag then wait for a reply
  7. thunder flair

    Share Your Gamertags!

    gamertag = num6er 1 ki11er console = 360 only :'( add me if you want to play games