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  1. Magic Note

    worst video games ever!

    Mega Man X7 was terrible and parts of the game made me wonder if the developers knew what they were doing. X6 wasn't much better in that regard - it was blatantly rushed for a Christmas release, and it shows. Both the Japanese and NA versions were released days apart, and it had an English translation that I could've sworn was done by Google translate.
  2. Magic Note

    Metroid thread

    I've been playing the new Metroid game, Samus Returns for the Nintendo 3DS, and so far I like it. It was a pleasant surprise to see the first new Metroid game in over seven years! What's everyone's favorite Metroid game? I honestly don't know mine, it's just too difficult to pick one.
  3. Magic Note

    What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

    I'm a bisexual cisgender male, with a slight preference towards men.
  4. Magic Note

    worst video games ever!

    I did not hear any good things about Other M from my friends. I didn't get it because of all the changes Sakamoto made to Samus. I'd understand a few things, but this guy's been there since the beginning. :\ As for my entry, I thought no game was as bad as Action 52. 52 games in one cartridge sounds like a great idea, but the games are littered with bugs, some of which are game-breaking. Inaction 52 would've been a better title for it.
  5. Magic Note

    Greetings, all

    Hi there, I'm new to these forums, and somewhat new to the Discord. I've been following the show for five years, and I'm into video games and game design. My favorite mane six character's Applejack. Pleased to meet everyone here!