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  1. You Will Have Multiple Times To Watch The #MLPSeason9 Finale! YES! I'm not kidding! And here I will explain how you can watch when it airs and encores, plus info on the Pony Palooza week long event Comments are Welcomed #MLPFINALE #PonyPalooza #MLPFIM #DiscoveryFamily #TheEndingofTheEnd #TheLastProblem
  2. bwrosas

    Season 9, Episode 19: Dragon Dropped

    Now if you're a Sparity shipper (which I am), the way Rarity reacted here, was of one realizing that the knight in shining armor/prince charming she's been looking for has been in front of her the whole time, and she didn't want to lose him. And from continuity standpoint, With what Spike gave her in BEST GIFT EVER, she want's to keep that LOVE Spike has for her, and she has for him, alive and strong!
  3. bwrosas

    Season 9, Episode 19: Dragon Dropped

    I think one fan (upon the China release) said something along the lines of, "This just made the Sparity Ship a whole lot more stronger". Which one could agree with, especially when you take Pinkie's line at the end in or out of context. Also when one really thinks about it, episodes like this, have different points of view giving to them from the brony/pegasister community. Some may look at it as a closing to the Sparity ship, others (as mentioned above), see it as strengthening it, some see it as an episode that didn't belong in this final season (along some pervious episodes before), and some see it as Spike possibly getting a new ship tease giving to him, in the form of Gabby, etc..., etc.... And even through, I'm one of those that support the Sparity ship, and see this episode as indeed making it stronger. I see Rarity's actions, as not of one just being selfish (at times she was) or jealous (which she mostly was), but I like to take DisneyFanatics2364's "Bride of Discord" (Chapter/Episode 6 [14:07-19:37]) , as an example of Rarity releasing how Spike really means to her, and how much she's falling for him, but never really noticed till, 1. "The Best Gift Ever", the first 20secs of the mid-season 9 finale, and now with this episode, and him spending time with Gabby, instead of her, or even taking time to notice her. This reminded me a lot/if somewhat of Applejack's reaction towards Spike spending time with Rarity, and not noticing her.That's how I take Rarity's reactions in this episode, somewhat of being in that same camp as Applejack's in "BOD". Heck @BornAgainBrony said it best: Quote So just because it may seem otherwise, Josh Haber knew what he was doing. In fact, if you saw the trailer for the finale (and possibly the final 2 episodes), there is some Sparity moment's snuck in there, as a bit of a follow-up to this episode (kinda), and pervious episodes before it (from earlier seasons, and the prior season), as well as "TBGE" So I said above, episodes like this, have different points of view giving to them from the brony/pegasister community. It's just a matter of how one views it from the personal point of view. But for me, this was a good/decent Sparity final centric episode.
  4. With Episode 19 "Dragon Dropped" recently being released early in China, this is an episode that has fans discussing the Sparity topic,(mostly positive, from what've I seen being discussed at various social media sites), It seems that this episode may be the (somewhat) official canon ship of Rarity x Spike. The reason I say that, is because of the way Rarity reacts towards Spike hanging out with Gabby the Griffon, this is something we've never seen from Rarity, when it comes to Spike hanging out with another female character before, till now. Because of this, along with the ending, where Spike says he'll always want his Rarity time, it pretty much (somewhat officially) makes Sparity canon. Yet, there are those that still feel that this episode didn't do that, and feel it did the opposite Despite the visuals in front of them. However, let's be honest, we knew something like this episode was going to happen, especially when it was made official that S9 would be it. And when you look at the sudden (out of nowhere) resurgence of Sparity in S8, with the acknowledgements in "Break-Up, Break-Down, "Molt Down" (being a Sparity episode in someways), the few moments in the S8 finale, to the subplot, and ending between the two in "Best Gift Ever", to recently in the first 20 seconds of the mid-season 9 finale. Yeah, I would say that the hints were out there, that an episode of this kind would occur towards the end of the series. And guess what, it did with "Dragon Dropped". Now throughout the series, (even through s3-s7 were low-key on it's Sparity moments), one could say that this SHIP is one of the more naturally grown ones that have happened, despite nothing really being made truly official (semi, yes), like let's say Big Mac/Sugar Belle or Maud Pie/Mudbriar, still it getting to the points it's gotten too in recent seasons, one could say, that if we get something in the end (like an epilogue moment that takes place a few years later) that shows Spike and Rarity being officially together, then one would find that very believable, from a character development point, and a lingering sub-plot coming full circle, like it did with this episode. So despite this somewhat (in a semi way) making Sparity official, why do others hate Spike x Rarity? Well, (IMO), I don't think it's the age argument, that many have used since the beginning (just about), no, I think it's this moment And believe it or not, it stems all the way back to S2, and the episode "Secret of My Excess" , where Spike willing and genersoaly gave Rarity his fire ruby, which orginally he grew and riped for his birthday. And the reason this is the true reason (IMO), is because many feel that Rarity manipulated and sweet talked him into giving it to her, despite (using that word a lot here) everyone else, even the show staff that worked on that episode saying otherwise. As far as the age argument goes, even Jim Miller on Twitter has (in his own unique way) debunked that argument/theory. So in that way and in closing, if S9 EPS. 19 "Dragon Dropped" is the only (if not possibly last) Sparity centered episode of the series, we can at least agree that Sparity is (somewhat semi) official in the series now. Will we still get moments here and there in the remaining episodes (21-26) or the proposed (if it's still happening) Holiday special at the end of the year? That's kinda 50/50 right now, but I wouldn't put it pass the creative staff, if they did add some moments, like for example what I mentioned earlier, but we will have to wait and see. Anyway, I wanted to finally get this off my chest, and give my overall thoughts. But what do you here say. Comments and replies would be great to hear. Take Care and Brony On!
  5. These are two very good questions, espeically when it comes too, (with all due respect) #GoldenFox and #MisAnthroPony, and their thoughts on it. So here I discuss this topic and try to answer these two questions Comments are Welcomed #MLPSeason9 #Sparity #RarityxSpike #SpikexRarity #RaritySpike #SpikeRarity #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic
  6. From Gail Simone penning "Between Dark and Dawn" for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, for the first time. Some fans had somewhat mixed reactions, (mostly good), they question is asked, "Is it a good idea to bring in an outside write to pen a script for something they've never part of?" Well here I try to answer that. Comments are Welcomed #MLPSeason9 #GailSimone #BetweenDarkandDawn #DCComics
  7. (Audio Only). With "She's All Yak" teasing, if not pushing a Sandbar x Yona ship, it's got the shipping discussion up and running again. So here I discuss the shipping of characters, some that are canon, (semi or teased/hinted at), some that fans use moments and scenes to justify, and some that possibly that we don't see coming, but certain moments in the show could prove otherise. Here I discuss it all (as best I can) Comments are Welcomed #MLPSeason9 #MLPShipping #MyLIttlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #Romance #Love #Teased
  8. bwrosas

    Season 9, Episode 7: She's All Yak

    This episode to me, opened the door (more so than ever) for interspecies relationships to the show. I mean one of the messages (among the two given) was that it shouldn't matter what species (race), ethic, or cultural background you come from, that if you truly care (Love) someone, or in this case , somepony/someyak, for who they really are, then that's all that should matter. And the symbolism of the shooting star in the background, kind of, if not teases the fact that something "MORE" will happen between these two later on. This also opens the door for other interspecies relationships to happen, like let's say, Spike and Rarity, which by now (IMO) has been all, but officially confirmed. Don't believe me, check out "Best Gift Ever" and when Spike sings to Rarity, she gets stars/sparks in her eyes (better ex./compassion, the "Lady and The Tramp spaghetti scene) So yeah this episode imho opened, if not KNOCKED the door down for this to happen. Your Thoughts?
  9. When I Saw You: A Rarity & Spike PMV (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) (4K UHD Version) #Sparity #RarityandSpike #MariahCarey #MLPSeason9 #1080p #HD #1080pHD #PMV #PonyMusicVideo #WhenISawYou
  10. So from What I understand, it end on a comedic cliffhanger? And Rarity and this Ragimuffin:
  11. Been A While, But here's an ALL-NEW PMV (Pony Music Video) of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, featuring the song "The Touch" from Hasbro's 1986 Transformers The Movie. Comments are Welcomed #PMV #MLPFIM #MLPMOVIE #THETOUCH #TRANSFORMERSTHEMOVIE #STANBUSH #AMV #PONYMUSICVIDEO #ANIMATEDMUSICVIDEO #MYLITTLEPONYFRIENDSHIPISMAGIC
  12. Don't know if anyone pointed this out, but after you watch this character intro videos on DC Superhero Girls YouTube Channel, it just seems to obvious, especially when compare the character's personality's between the two shows. And here I discuss why these shows are the basically (almost) the same. Comments are Welcomed #DCSuperheroGirls #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #LaurenFaust #DCComics #Hasbro #MyLittlePony #EquestriaGirls #SunsetShimmer #WonderWoman #TwilightSparkle