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  1. Spoilers within, click if you want to
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    Full Movie Possibly Leaked

    In other words, did Hasbro already know about it the whole time and just allow it to happen? Some people, and fans are Curious? Comments are Welcomed
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    I just don't get it

    It seems the closer we get to the movie, the more it seems fans are coming out and saying they're not sure if they should see the movie in theaters. Why? What, because they don't want to be around little kids, that they feel will kick the seats and ruin the enjoyment of the film with their noise. Why, because they feel adult movie goers or the ticket seller may give them a strange look for going to see the MLP Movie. Why, because they're afraid the friends/co-workers/collages may see them going into the cinema room that the movie's playing in. Those, along with any other excuse, shouldn't be a reason not to want to see the movie in theaters. If you want to see it, you should go see it and not worry what others have to say or what kind of looks you may get. It's your choice to see it in theaters, not no one else's. And with the excuse of not having transportation (which I will not argue that others may not have access too) shouldn't be an excuse either, look I'm going to go and see it on opening day at it's first showing at the Turlock Regal Cinema at 11:15am, and how am I doing that, but using the SRT. Bus transportation to do so. It may get me there an hour earlier, but it will be worth it. So if I can find a way to go see it earlier, so should you and anyone else that may be worried about seeing it in theaters. I mean if you want to avoid that kind of environment (kids, etc.) go to an early showing, sure there may still be kids, but not as many as to what will be after school or during prime-time hours. Look, there is absolutely no reason not to see this film. True story, I saw "Josie and the Pussycats" in theaters during an early showing, and no one at the ticket booth, or the concessions said anything to me about it, and it wasn't even that busy or crowded, when I went, and I enjoyed the movie for what it was. So there shouldn't be a reason for anyone here, not to want to go and see the film in theaters, remember you have early ShowTime options to choose from if you want to avoid any kids or anyone else seeing you. And if you want a good example of how do to this, thecinemasnob went and saw "Barbie Star Light Adventure" in theaters at an early showing on 6/30/16 and other then one little girl giving them a look, no one really said anything to them, (check out their review on YouTube to learn more) So if they can could do something like that without worry, then no one should be worried about seeing the MLP Movie. Remember it's not rated "PG" for nothing, Hasbro/DHX Media/Allspark and the creative team knew what they were doing, when they created this film. So again, don't worry about what others say or think, if you want to go and see it in the theaters, that's your right. Don't let anyone make the decision for you. PS. another thing to remember, (even through I grew up during this period), this isn't the 1986 movie. This was given time to be built upon with 6-7 seasons worth of story to work off of, not two prime-time specials before it. And then just to have it serve as a theatrical pilot for the series that came after. This version had time to build and establish itself beyond anyone's expectations. So again don't worry about what others say, and don't make up an excuse not to want to see it in theaters. If you want to see it, then go see it, and If someone like me can find transportation to the Regal Cinemas that are showing it in my area, then you and anyone else can find a way via transportation too. So go, and enjoy yourself! That's all I have to say for now. God Bless and Take Care -bwrosas
  4. I Went to the 11:15am showing, and even through it was just me and later on a Grandmother and her Granddaughter, I really enjoyed this film. I thought everything was done perfectly or at least to the best of their abilities . The movie did what it had to do, to not only give us (the fans) something we've been waiting on for years. But it also gave the causal (non-MLP) audience an opportunity to get know the characters and the world they live in. Now that last part may be a pet-peeve with some, but you have to understand, if the writing staff just straight up made a movie in the same vain of a regular episode (even a 2-parter), it probably wouldn't be as accepted as it has been overall. Now, the story was very good! It gave us everything we (as fans) would've expected, plus more. It was (to me at least) a perfect hybrid of having some episodic elements blended in perfectly with original animated movie story elements. The Characters were great for what was given to them. The established VA's took it to another level, and the Celebrity VA's really brought their A game. Overall this was very good and Enjoyable Film! 10/10 Highly Recommend!
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    Preview for Once Upon a Zeppelin.

    Ok since this involves Twilight, why do I have this feeling, this will be her Legends of Magic similar to StarSwirl. Just thought about that.
  6. bwrosas

    What's Your Favorite Song In The Soundtrack?

    To me, "I'm the friend you need" and "Open your eyes" are very good! Along with "Rainbow" I also liked the fact that Rarity and Spike got a duet part in "We Got This Together".
  7. #MyLittlePonyMovie #MyLittlePonyTheMovie #mylittlepony #MLPMovie #themakingofmylittleponythemovie @MLPMovie @Hasbro
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    Post Your Pony Collection

    Opening / Overview / Review of the My Little Pony : The Movie "Singing" Songbird Serenade Yes I am opening and giving my thoughts on this Target Exclusive that I got via Comments are Welcomed #SingingSongbirdSerenade #Singing_Songbird_Serenade
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    Post Your Pony Collection

    Here I finally open her and give my overall thoughts Comments are Welcomed #MyLittlePonyTheMovie #PrincessSkyStar
  10. Because from what I read via google and their image search, she makes a friend for life, because of her generosity. No mention of a love interest. Can anyone here clear this up, please.
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    S07:E20 - A Health of Information

    From what others have said, from @DrWolf001 and others, this may be one of the more serious and darker episodes they have done. And if that's the case, it shows how much this Show has changed and evolved from what it was originally meant to be 6 1/2 seasons ago. But you know, this doesn't surprise me. A lot of media (TV Shows, Comics, Movies, Etc...) have gone through similar changes throughout their histories. Especially when it's decided to go in a direction to what MLP : FIM has been going in recently with this "Legends Of Magic" Arc, (That ironically ties in with the IDW Comic). Because when you toss something like "Legends of Magic" into the picture, then you know for a fact, that some of what it is shown, will go over the heads of the original target age audiences, but not the adult audience/fanbase. Example of that is when @DrWolf001 and @TericDragon mentioned in their review, that even through the episode and thus the writing staff didn't outright say it or have the characters , like say Mage (in the flashback) or even Twilight say it, pretty much the ponies turning into trees as a result of the Swamp Fever and being those that produced the glowing flowers that came off them was a metaphor for death. In other words, when the ponies (in the flashback), as well as Zecora and Fluttershy were affected by the swamp fever, it was slowly killing them, thus they were slowly dying. And for them to do that, despite already going TV-Y7 for the season 4 finale, and doing what they've done in the season 3 finale, and so on, shows how far MLP : FIM has come. I also believe this arc and episodes like this, are just to get folks ready for the film and show that like this arc and episodes, the movie is not for little kids, but for all ages, (adults and kids) and that it will have stuff in it that will go over the younger kids heads, but not the adult fans that go and see it. (Heck why do you think it got a PG rating?) In closing, I will say this, if this episode has shown us anything or at least hinted at anything, it's that "Shadow Play Part 1 and 2" will be more than we expect it to be, and as I said before, possibly have a story twist in it, that we may see or won't see coming. That's all I have to say for now. God Bless and Take Care.
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    How will the movie do?

    I think some critics/critical articles and sites will be 50/50 on it. Some will praise it for it's animation. Some will praise for its comedy. Some will praise for being a good coaster of a ride from start to finish. Others will criticize it for being a 100min toy commercial, a story that could have been done as five-parter in the series, as well as trying to cram too much in at once. But overall, honestly, it will be about 50/50
  13. Recently a cyberbully/troll joined the "Friendship Is Fanbase" Facebook group, only so they could insult the fans there. And just happened to be a member of said group and I was not happy seeing this. Here I discuss how message boards and Facebook groups need to prevent this from happening, and why these trolls/bullies join these boards and groups. Comments are Welcomed
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    Synopsis for the finale.

    With the Synopsis for the season 7 finale "Shadow Play released/leaked. I give my thoughts/theory on what may occur. I believe a "twist" may happen, that's for sure. Comments Are Welcomed I get this feeling, we may have twist coming here. (think "Rarity Investigates (from a Character Point of View) for example)
  15. I mean At least do some kind of follow-up and at least acknowledge what possibly could be for the MANE 6, and don't just tease and hint at it for one-time only or several-times only, and not do nothing, do something! Comments are Welcomed
  16. bwrosas

    How will the movie be received?

    I think some critics/critical articles and sites will be 50/50 on it. Some will praise it for it's animation. Some will praise for its comedy. Some will praise for being a good coaster of a ride from start to finish. Others will criticize it for being a 100min toy commercial, a story that could have been done as five-parter in the series, as well as trying to cram too much in at once. But overall, honestly, it will be about 50/50
  17. Now I do support the pairing. But if and I do emphiaze "IF" the show was to hint at it again or even reference it as a nod to the fanbase. I see it going along the direction of Twilight casting a temporary transformation Spell on Spike (perhaps as a b-day gift) to let him see what it's like to be a pony for at least 24hrs. Then you have Rarity enter into the picture, see Spike in his pony form, and go from there. Thus, though this, you at least for one episode give the Sparity supporters what they have been waiting for, and close the book on it for the time being, with the characters acknowledging that perhaps there is something there between them besides friendship. You want a good example of this, check out the "Family Matters" Episode where Steve temporary became Stephan before changing back, and how Laura fell for him in that form. Just saying. Now I know some people have said he would be nothing more than a colt, but what if Twlight was to cast a transformation spell to not only make him into a pony for day, but also the same height and age, that could work and they could the route I suggested above with Rarity entering the picture and go from there.
  18. bwrosas

    Hopes for Season 8.

    Things I would like to see : 1. A Follow-up to "Amending Fences" 2. A SpikexRarity Episode that finally answers The Sparity Question (and is like a love letter to fans/supporters of the pairing) 3. An Episode similar to the "Double O' Chipmunk" episode from Disney's Rescue Rangers (with Rainbow Dash in the Role that Gadget was in (the femme fatale) and with Spike in the inspiring Spy Role. 4. An Episode decaited to the "Guardians of Harmony" Line 5. A Cadance Centered Episode 6. Finally, A Follow-up to "Power Ponies" That's what I would like to see. You bronies and pegasisters agree or not?
  19. My reply and take on the Alicorn Discussion that The Brony Notion talked about not once, but 3 times. Comments are Welcomed