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    Sia: Rainbow

    My Reaction and Review : Here I discuss my reaction and give a review on SIA's new single "Rainbow" from the upcoming MY Little Pony: The Movie. Comments are welcomed
  2. MHO , I Think this script was originally intended for S1 or S2, but was glossed over, till recently. That's why some get a S1/S2 Vibe, IMO.
  3. In this video I can explain why SpikexRarity are still possible to happen, by using some similar pairing from the past. Comments are Welcomed
  4. bwrosas

    Sia: Rainbow

    The music video debuted on China's YouTube site (Potential Spoilers are within MV)
  5. One thing I will say I did like, was how her friends got PhotoFinish to still do the "photoshoot" to show her that it didn't matter what her mane style was, she was still the same Rarity they knew and loved and that nothing was going to change that.
  6. Only thing fans may not like, is even if this may be revisited in the future, this is a one-off occurrence for Rarity. Shows (animated/live-action) have been known to do this. Heck "Family Matters" did a similar situation in an episode with Laura, her Mom and Aunt. But by the next week, it was like nothing happened. Basically this is done to get fans talking and possibly hint at a future Rarity or Overall NEW MLP Toy line in the future.
  7. As you know in the history of animation, if a show calls for it, a female character will melt into a complete puddle at the sight of attractive male character or from the flirting from said male character. So my question is, if this is/was done in the show, who out of the Mane 6 do you think the creative staff would have this happen too? My guess would be Rarity. How About you?
  8. bwrosas

    Shipping Becoming Canon In MLP FIM?

    Exactly, when any show (animated or live-action) gets close to the end, that's when these kind of moments happen for the main characters.
  9. Wrote this in 5-24-16 : 5-24-16 Hi eveyone, As some of you are aware, I've been doing my fair share of collecting Some MLP : FIM stuff, mostly The first three seasons on DVD, with 4 and 5 to come next. Some Plushies, figures, a Journal of Two Sisters book, a drinking cup and some Power Ponies, just to name a few. However, despite all that, one question is constanly asked, "Am I now a brony?" Well to answer that, I would have say perhaps I am, but not to the extent, that I watch the show daily or have more MLP : FIM Mech. than I do anything else. As matter of fact, my Transformers, Sonic and yes even Frozen Collection, kind of overshadows my MLP : FIM collection in a huge a way. But am I brony? Yes, in a way perhaps I am. But you must understand something, just because I might be, doesn't mean I will go and admit it to everyone I know, because some folks will still probably not understand. And I know I'm not the only one in that majority. The reason being, is because most peoples eyes, MLP : FIM as still a franchise and animated show aimed at little girls and that's about it. What they don't understand, is just like when they and we were kids and watched cartoons like The G1 versions of MLP, Transformers, G.I. JOE and JEM, that the sole reason for the shows was to sell us as kids on the toys they were based on, nothing else. MLP : FIM seems to have gone beyond that with the storylines, characters, songs that have been done in such a phenomenal way, that it has exceeded that original intended audience and broken down the barriers of what is a show for girls, and made a show for everyone to enjoy. However, sometimes to enjoy a franchise like FIM, sometimes you have to enjoy it in a very subtle way, for example, if you have something like Netflix, add it your list of shows to watch, but at your time, mostly when others (who may not understand) are not around or are busy with something else. Now those, that even as you read this may still not understand why a franchise like this has such wide appeal to everyone of almost every age and gender, is because like pointed out eariler, they still view as franchise originally intended for young girls (and perhaps boys) and no one else. And the proof they have for this, is well a few, mostly two, : 1, where are the MLP : FIM Toys located at in stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Toysrus, etc..?, If you sais the "girls section", you're right on the money. 2. Where are the MLP : FIM Clothing mech located at in retail stores? Again, if you said the "girls section" you'd be right. You see, that is the proof that those that don't understand will point too and say that you shouldn't be a fan of this franchise, because if you are, it makes you a (insert distastful name here). Which goes back to the question I'm asked of "Am I a Brony?" And as I said, perhaps I am, but like some, I'm very subtle/low-key about it. And I know I'm not the only one, I mean why do you think some facebook MLP : FIM groups are either closed or secret, because they know like I mentioned here, some just will not understand the overall mass appeal of this franchise. However I will say this, in 2017 when the 7th season (and they will be one no doubt) debuts, and the movie comes out later that year, the fanbase will have grown beyond 20% cooler in growth, but when the movie arrives in the theaters, if those that look at this show/franchise as just something for young girls and perhaps boys, and will expect that kind of audience in theaters on opening weekend, better think again. Because I can almost bet, that most of those opening weekend audiences will the bronies, pegasisters and overall fans of all ages and genders attending those showings, which no doubt will get massive media coverage because of that and show that franchise can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter who you are. But in closing, let me say this, I might have become a brony, but I've become a very subtle/low-key brony. Which I'm cool with. Thanks all for reading and understanding this. -Brian Walmer
  10. bwrosas

    New Trailer

    I think it did a decent job and the animation and CGI effects look a lot more polished and finished. And at least (in the few seconds), we see how the princess's and ponies will be taken prisoner. But overall, they definitely did a good job on focusing on the action, music, comedy, drama, and over development for the Mane 6, Tempest, Capper, pirates, and Skystar, with each moment they were given in the trailer. So overall, I believe the trailer did what it had to and did it great!
  11. bwrosas

    Thoughts on Rarity x Spike

    yes , but it he seems the most mature (besides Ember)
  12. bwrosas

    Thoughts on Rarity x Spike

    it may seem that way. But here's my question, how do we know the real age of Spike. for all we know, from a dragon sense, he could be around her age. Remember dragons come in shapes and sizes.
  13. Now I do support the pairing. But if and I do emphiaze "IF" the show was to hint at it again or even reference it as a nod to the fanbase. I see it going along the direction of Twilight casting a temporary transformation Spell on Spike (perhaps as a b-day gift) to let him see what it's like to be a pony for at least 24hrs. Then you have Rarity enter into the picture, see Spike in his pony form, and go from there. Thus, though this, you at least for one episode give the Sparity supporters what they have been waiting for, and close the book on it for the time being, with the characters acknowledging that perhaps there is something there between them besides friendship. You want a good example of this, check out the "Family Matters" Episode where Steve temporary became Stephan before changing back, and how Laura fell for him in that form. Just saying. Now I know some people have said he would be nothing more than a filly, but what if Twlight was to cast a transformation spell to not only make him into a pony for day, but also the same height and age, that could work and they could the route I suggested in the quote above with Rarity entering the picture and go from there.
  14. Fame and Misfortune Talk : Well, when one looks at it, the staff was not only pointing out the complaints and criticisms we as fans have had over the seasons. But through the "We're Not Flawless" song, basically told us that not everything they've showcased in the past and will showcase in the future is going to be perfect or exactly what you (as fans) want. And the ending where AppleJack asked about the ponies (representation of the fanbase) outside the castle, and Twlight's response was that they can wait, I look at as the writing staff telling us, that the answers to the questions we seek will come, but we have to wait and be patient. Another thing I sense with this episode (based on what others , like Silver Quill and Dr. Wolfe had to say), is that the writing staff was kinda telling us that if want answers to these questions/criticisms/complaints, that perhaps we should try to do it ourselves. Because it seems that they're telling us at the end of the episode, that yes we will possibly get the answers to our questions, but that the door is opened for us to try and answer these questions through our own interpretation. Now did they have to have Starlight say the line that she did, about it not being the Mane 6's fault, but everypony else's for focusing on the wrong things. In a way no. But it was done, because the writing staff was reminding us, especially at the end when Starlight brought the two foils from earlier, what the core/heart of the show and lessons were really about and who (originally) the target audience it was aimed towards. However, like SQ said in his video, it doesn't mean the writing staff (through the characters) wants to incorporate these lessons and morals into trying to make our everyday lives better, because they probably do, but at the end of all this, to remember what the show and the lessons were/are really about and who (originally) they were really meant for. Not saying we can't enjoy MLP : FIM for what it is , that being a good overall story/series (comic books, TV) or the upcoming movie. Because we can and should. But as the writing staff (as meta as it was) reminded us at the of this episode , that through our enjoyment, to remember what the show originally was meant as and who it originally was meant for. Have A Blessed Day-bwrosas
  15. bwrosas

    S8 Animatic.

    My thoughts on Season 8 from the Animatc shown at Hascon : I look at it this way. They may go a two-parter route with the S8 premiere , or this could be setup for a season long arc. A season long arc that spread out properly could have lasting affects going forward. In other words, with this season be 26 episodes long, they can spread this out throughout the season, by having every other episode (3-6 episodes in-between) be significant to the arc. And when they get to th...e finale for the season, that's where the payoff could really benefit from, should they (the writing staff) execute this arc right, and not hot shot it in the premiere. As to who could be involved along with QC, I put money on Triek as being the main baddy. In fact, if bronies and pegasisters are fearful that QC will be reformed finally, than if Triek is part of this in some way, than there's your answer. You want a good example, check out what happened to Discord in the S4 finale, when he thought he could trust Triek. As far as Starlight goes, if she becomes the main hero again , expect her to get the alicorn treatment at the end, or at the beginning of Season 9 (which I still believe there will be one) ala the same way Twilight did at the beginning of S4. I also expect (and I don't why I have this feeling), but I expect a possibly hint at fusion coming into play for the Mane 6 and Starlight in this season , or least being discussed among the Mane 6, Starlight, Spike, Celestria, Luna and Cadance, for possibly and to happen in S9 (which I still believe is going to happen). But those are just my two cents. What do you guys think? God Bless!