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  1. jack

    hardest bosses

    even though sonic forces isn't out yet, i'm gussing so-called 'infinite' will be super hard and he'll probably even be a 'fourth wall boss' (a boss that messes with the actual game,like that guy in metal gear)
  2. jack

    hardest bosses

    time eater from sonic generations (you don't have ANY real attacks)
  3. mlp equestria girls and call of duty black ops 2 :zombies
  4. jack


    Bakaarion,thats ok
  5. jack

    hardest bosses

    the death egg robot from sonic 2 (although its slightly more easy when you get use to it.....apparently)
  6. jack


    What do you mean by that?
  7. if i HAD to chose only one....applejack
  8. jack

    annoying enemies

    what about enemies who actually mess with the game itself (im thinking of that one guy from metal gear)
  9. jack

    Who would like to do an oc roleplay

    i wouldn't mind, do you have an oc? and if so could you give some info on him/her
  10. jack


    Bakaarion, when i said 'not that kind of British' i meant i don't do all that British stuff (it's my fault for not making that bit clear)
  11. jack


    due to my family not really accepting me as a brony,it'll be hard to keep up.....but not impossible as i watch it when they aren't home.