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  1. I've just remembered another fanfic that I lost years ago but enjoyed reading. Unfortunately, I didn't read very far into this one at the time and so only remember a few scraps of info. What I do remember is that it takes place in a "Dungeons & Dragons" version of Equestria and starts with some of the Mane 6 meeting up on the road. Applejack is what I believe to be a disgraced paladin. It didn't reveal such a thing so early, but she had a sheathed sword, and I think a brand on her face, and she had to use the sword as a club without drawing the blade, but fighting at all hurt her somehow as if she were cursed. Rainbow Dash was an exiled barbarian who had been left to die by her clan and was saved and adopted by a mage. Twilight Sparkle was an apprentice mage who the story hints caused a disaster known as the "Starfall" if I remember right, which destroyed a city. I can't remember what Rarity was, but she and Sweetie Belle were attacked by monsters and Sweetie is almost turned into a vargouille but is saved by a magic-user healing her (Twilight, Applejack, or Fluffershy, I think?). I think there's also an airship in there somewhere, but that's all I can remember of the story. Does anybody know the name of the fic I'm talking about?
  2. I have a fic I very much enjoyed, that I read years ago but made the mistake of never bookmarking it. I'm looking for it, but neither I or anybody I ask can remember what the title of it was. I'm pretty sure I first saw it on EQD back during the season 2 or season 3 hiatus, and that it was on Here's what I remember of the plot: It's set before Discord was reformed but we never learn the main character's name if I remember right. Basically, Discord is loose and the elements of harmony are lost. This alicorn filly goes to plead with an ancient dragon (who may or may not be Spike, I don't think we ever learn his name either) to help her village, which will die without help as the winter is coming on hard (windigos have returned?). The dragon reluctantly takes her under his wing as a student and eventually the whole town moves into his cave to escape the winter, much to his annoyance (but his cave is structured in ways that show he clearly had pony friends who used to visit). Eventually, Discord's arrival is imminent and the filly tries to get her teacher to find the elements of harmony, but the dragon refuses so the filly goes out alone. She finds out that the previous bearer of loyalty hid the elements away in a nomadic flock of pegasi to protect them (which caused a falling out among the bearers). The filly tries to battle Discord alone and is nearly killed. At the last, the dragon saves her and bests Discord but is fatally wounded. The alicorn filly uses the elements to turn him into stone to save his life and use his power to keep Discord trapped in stone as well. The dragon's lair becomes a city and the alicorn it's ruler. She gets an orphaned dragon egg to try and raise, but that one doesn't turn out friendly to ponies. It hatched out and followed orders and stuff, then one day callously said it would kill its pony keeper and nearly did. The alicorn realizes that only an egg hatched by pony magic will get a kind dragon like her teacher, so she gets a second dragon egg and opens a school of magic to find a pony who can hatch it. And the story ends. For a good long while, I thought I had just imagined it. But others remember reading it too, although none of us can remember the name. Do any of you know this story?
  3. So, several years ago I came across this fan fiction that I thought was really good. It was during a season hiatus of the show and I could have sworn I found it while scanning through EquestriaDaily posts. But the problem is I forgot to favorite/or bookmark it at the time and have only just recently remembered the story--but not the title, author, or even the cover. I've tried looking through the fan fiction archives on Equestria daily, but can't seem to find it. The worst part is I can't even remember if it was on or I've tried asking around on fimfiction and gotten no luck yet. So I'm hoping somebody here can help. The main plot of the story revolves around a young alicorn going to an ancient dragon for help. She's desperate to save her village but the dragon is old and grumpy and reluctant to help. I can't remember if the dragon is actually Spike, but there are strong hints. Anyway, Discord is loose and the elements of harmony are lost (later revealed to be guarded by a nomadic flock of pegasi). On top of that, the land is getting colder and colder and blizzards are everwhere. The story ends with the alicorn getting the elements and fighting Discord only to be nearly killed by him. The dragon saves her, but is fatally injured in the battle. To save him and trap Discord, the alicorn uses the elements of harmony to turn the dragon and discord into stone, so that the dragon's magic can keep Discord trapped. Meanwhile, the alicorn and her village had moved into the dragon's cave earlier after he reluctantly agreed to let them stay. They turn the cave into a city as the blizzards rage outside, and eventually find a dragon egg. The alicorn wonders if the hatchling will turn out like the old dragon, who was raised by ponies. The hatchling doesn't, instead trying to kill his keeper. So they find a new abandoned egg and the alicorn keeps it with the hope that If a unicorn can hatch the egg with magic, maybe this baby dragon will turn out like her old dragon friend. That's all I can remember of the story. Has anyone else read this one or heard of it? I'm starting to wonder if I didn't just dream it all up.