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  1. Hi I'm Salvador, call me Sal for short. I'm 17 years old and I've been around in this community since the end of season 2. The years I spent watching the series, reading fanfics, comics, and whatnot have been amazing, but sadly I slowly started to pay less attention to the community and the series as a whole. This was around the beginning of season 6. I'm not sure why that happened, maybe it was the lack of peers to share with, highschool and college(I live in Peru, we start college around 16.17) getting to me, or simply I began to get bored. When I realized that i stopped watching the series, I felt kinda... melancholic (Ha I wrote it correctly), but I did nothing about it (Differential equations require a lot of time and effort). Now, with the movie coming out in one week, I remembered a post, from way back then, about the future of the series and possible movie on 2017. And, heck ,it hit me hard. I felt old! At the time of the post, 2017 seemed so far of in the future, and here I am now, almost 2 am writing this. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to come back, and be part once again of this amazing community that had made my teenage years so enjoyable. I hope I can get to know some of you fellow ponylovers and to get more involved with the fandom(You know creating stuff, or editing idk). With a love and a big Pinkyhug to whoever reads this Sal