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  1. Soldier Surplus

    Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer

    Oh Nads! That owl was so damn cute, but the cat tho... that seal pokemon. Damn they are all cute. I could name the owl owlisious But the cat tho. Dammit I need my cats, but I can't decide!
  2. Soldier Surplus

    Overwatch Actually Open Beta

    Yea I want to see if the community will get better or worse. Also If there will be patches. Definitely gonna wait a few weeks to a month.
  3. Soldier Surplus

    Overwatch Actually Open Beta

    My tag is: Surplus#11697 If you want to add me. I love almost all of the offensive classes. And Hanzo is great to play as. I'm definitely getting this game.
  4. got temps today... just wanted to share

  5. Soldier Surplus

    S6 - Episode 6 - Discussion

    I would probably give this episode a 7.5/10 Trixie was still being Trixie, despite her constant mess ups she still never learns that It's ok to not be as good at something than someone else. Twilight just being there stalking Starlight and antagonizing Trixie, not being helping in any way until the end. The Princess of Friendship everybody. (yaaaaaay) Overall, Trixie being dumb as usual, Twilight just being there made situations worse, and Starlight.... actually Starlight's in the clear this time. She didn't do anything horrible in fact, she completed her task of making a new friend so.. She's the Highlight of the episode for me. Everything else was alright for me. I'm starting to like Starlight as a character more and more. GG Hasbro
  6. Rip Lmaobox. GG everyone.. WE are the CHAMPIONS!


  7. Soldier Surplus

    lmaobox down

    Rip Lmaobox. Never come back and thank Gaben
  8. Where were the last two Fri-Sat. tf2 events or did I miss them?

  9. Soldier Surplus

    Anyone else not main TF2?

    TF2 was my first ever steam game. I probably will never not main it but I have way more games I play that just tf2. But what I mostly play in tf2 (+2000 hours)
  10. Soldier Surplus

    The Banned Game

    Banned for not commanding other Commanding Officers
  11. Soldier Surplus

    My Ping is having a heart attack when I get on the servers!

    But I know it's not. I heard that the optimization with tf2 and more advanced computers are not good. Plus, I cannot be asked to fiddle with my computer because it's fine with every other game except with this one.
  12. Soldier Surplus

    My Ping is having a heart attack when I get on the servers!

    I have not but I believe it may be the same result as the servers.
  13. Soldier Surplus

    My Ping is having a heart attack when I get on the servers!

    Thanks, It makes sense now. I live in ohio and apparently my computer can't make the connection without freaking out.
  14. Every single time I go on the servers I'm met with a lagspike every 10-15 seconds. I tried my connection out with another groups servers and some Valve servers and they weren't as bad. At this point I know it's not my computer (please don't say it is or bad times will be upon you) so what's up with the servers? What I would like to know is this: Where are the servers located? Can there possibly be a server change somewhere else? If no to No. 2, then what can I do to have a good experience on the servers without spending money or wasting time (because I hate both) The most that I'm asking of you is some advice. Please and thanks
  15. Soldier Surplus

    "Non-competitive" Highlander?

    This Is indeed what I like. I say yes to this. And it might be helpful for players like me who don't like the comp scene too much but still want to be apart of something