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  1. Pinkie Tart

    Season 8, Episodes 1 & 2: School Daze

    The ponies have taken a turn that I wasn't quite expecting...and I am DELIGHTED with it! Spread the message far and wide. And with the roots of idealism coming along, heck I might not be the only "mony" for long--adults should be able to relate just as much as children.
  2. Pinkie Tart

    Angel Fan Club

    Okay, Twilight just went on my list. I'd never seen this gif before. And never though one of the girls would be on my list, but obviously I am a BIG Angel fan. Twilight, I will seek revenge for Angel!
  3. Pinkie Tart

    Angel Fan Club

    Awww, that is TOOO cute! Thank you! Here's one of mine. I LOVE that episode
  4. Pinkie Tart

    Angel Fan Club

    I think a lot of the ponies' pets are too cute, too awesome! But there is none that I love more than Angel. I ADORE her. So much that I scanned through here to see if she was recognized and was saddened to see that she was not. Let's rectify that situation, shall we? Put a smile on my face and give me your best Angel pic.
  5. Pinkie Tart

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Though Pinkie is clearly my favorite, it is just so obvious that Fluttershy is the most beautiful. I love peeking over at my #2's corner and seeing all of these oh-so-too-too-cute pix.
  6. Good morning Vinny. Nice to have you on board! Big Pinkie hug, feel welcome!
  7. Pinkie Tart

    My Little Pony: The Movie - General Discussion

    It has been too long since I posted on here, so I did not get to post my review shortly after seeing the film. Yep, it has been over three weeks since my daughter and I went to see it. I believe in NO SPOILERS so I'm not going to give any. I am, have been, and will ALWAYS be a MLP fan. 4 Life! But, somehow, I just expected more from this film. Maybe it had been because I had been anxiously awaiting it since the beginning of the year and I built too much hype around it, expecting way too much, who knows??? As most of you have stated, the "look" of the film is breathtakingly beautiful. Not quite how I would expect my ponies to look, but beautiful nonetheless. But the story: lacking. As a fan, I could have sat there for well over two hours and have been fine, as long as they were actually doing something. And maybe that's part of it? The movie was too short so there really was no build-up. Since Pinkie is clearly my favorite, I am really proud of the part that she played in the film, but still there just could have been so much more. Will I buy it when it comes out on DVD? To be sure. Fan 4 life here! but truthfully, this could have been another television episode and have done just as well. If you're going to give me a film about my beloved ponies, then give me a film about my beloved ponies!
  8. Pinkie Tart

    Hello OwO

    Big Pinkie hug!
  9. Pinkie Tart

    Best Pony Tug of War

    43. I love that so much love is going to Rainbow Dash, that's my daughter (Princess Catharsis's) favorite. As for me: Pinkie (obvo!) > Fluttershy > Rarity (why all the hate?) > Rainbow Dash > Twilight > Apple Jack
  10. Pinkie Tart

    Best Pony Tug of War

    I agree with LunarThunder (and thank you for explaining it to me, big Pinkie hug!). So keep going with the RP Apple Bloom . Princess Catharsis and I live for it!
  11. Pinkie Tart

    Hello OwO

    Great to meet you! You are very welcome here.
  12. Pinkie Tart

    Pinkie Tart

    Bring it on Catharsis. I can't wait to join you in The Changeling Hive for a bit of role play.
  13. Pinkie Tart

    Pinkie Tart

    The Reigns part definitely, although both might fit! Plus, I've been called a bit insane myself, so that works too lol.
  14. Pinkie Tart

    Pinkie Tart

    Ah, I did just notice your signature LostSanity. Are we going to cause a ruckus around here or what? A lot in common!