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  1. Princess Catharsis

    Dawn of the Hive

    I'll join. However, I'm not going to be nice to the new 'changelings' I'm actually going to try to make an evil plan to trap them. Since, you know, I'm the daughter of Queen Chrysalis.
  2. Princess Catharsis

    Best Pony Tug of War

    *Not role playing anymore* Okay.... why is it going so slow? *Continues to role play*
  3. Princess Catharsis

    Best Pony Tug of War

    My queen and mother shall win!
  4. Princess Catharsis

    Best Pony Tug of War

    The Princess puts her hooves up and uses all her might that she got in her little princessy body. So much in fact that she breaks her neck. She screams in pain and her neck sliced off. However, with her magic she used it to regenerate her head and she got back in the game; this time trying not to break herself in half.
  5. Princess Catharsis

    The Changeling Empire RP

    Princess Catharsis was hunting down a weak earth pony, one that could not fly nor teleport. The princess then killed the weaklink and took all of it's love with her, so that her lunch was ready to go. She then did a evil chrysalis laughter and teleported out of there. Now, nobody could catch her, and nobody could starve her.
  6. Princess Catharsis

    Pinkie Tart

    Ah, Pinkie Pie. I have been looking for you and your tribe. I will be killing you (RP style, not in real life). So pray that you will live! (*evil Chrysalis laughter*)
  7. Princess Catharsis

    The Changeling Empire RP

    The Role Play will be down in the comments section. Have fun!
  8. Princess Catharsis

    Who would like to do an oc roleplay

    I'm better than most ones who RP at my level actually. I just roleplayed under a year and I basically know everything. Plus I have an OC so I think that might be helpful to your situation as well.