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  1. MechaTecha

    RIP PF2

    I joined the server two years ago but only joined that forum at the start of the year. I guess I picked a bad time. butt reguardless I had a lot of fun on that MLP heroes server, in fact most of my TF2 screenshots hail from that server, although I did loose a few due to them not being uploaded to the cloud thing. I am missing the server, I spent 90% of my time there so it's gonna be hard to find a server with same..hmmm not sure what word to use but it kept pulling me back in.
  2. MechaTecha

    Heads up for everyone

    Yup, got a couple of these today, do you trade via TF2 outpost? coz they seem to frequent there and add you once you bump a trade.
  3. MechaTecha

    Custom HUDs

    I'm just using the default hud, I am however looking for a mod which lets me see my BLU appearance along with RED
  4. MechaTecha

    Hello everyone

    Thank you kindly
  5. MechaTecha

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone! So probably like a few new members I'm here due to the pony fortress 2 forums closing down, a few people recommended I come here sooo here I am! I look forward to gaming and such with you all