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  1. Novak

    Hello all!

    Thanks, and I most definitely can! I'm also totally not waiting on a link to supposed leaked movie..
  2. Novak

    Hello all!

    I understand what you mean man, it's just that being in the military throws kinda a different dynamic to it. If anyone here found out I'd probably lose a certain amount of respect from my command and peers, and that isn't something I need if I want to progress and not be undermined in the future. It seems stupid and shouldn't matter, but being in a combat arms company doesn't help much either. It's a very Alpha dog atmosphere, and something like that getting out could really fuck me up. I might go off post and see it somewhere if a theater around here is showing it though.
  3. Novak

    Hello all!

    It's really hard to choose, but it has to be between Rainbow, Celestia, and Twilight. And I have not! Waiting for it to be bootlegged online, I don't think any theaters around here are showing it. I'd probably run into my command at the local post theater with their kids if It was here and they'd probably think I'm some kind of pedo. 20 something PFC on post watching a kids movie by himself on the weekend filled with my command team and their kids? Yea, wouldn't be a good idea. In their eyes I'm supposed to be off somewhere getting hammered every weekend, which is occasionally fun but I don't care to do it all the time. Huzzah fellow equine connoisseur!
  4. Novak

    Favorite MLP References?

    Same here, love Game of Thrones!
  5. Novak

    Xbox is the best console now in my view

    Open thread and immediately see the ole console vs PC debate. I don't see why people get so worked up, i say just play your damn game and have fun, no matter the platform!
  6. Novak

    Hello all!

    Hey guys! Finally saw that EQD had a forum, I'm friggin' blind, lol. So a little about me; I'm 20, originally from North Carolina but currently residing in Kentucky. I'm serving as a Horizontal Construction Engineer with the Army, basically a dirt pusher with heavy equipment. I first came upon the show while my brother was watching it as a toddler a few years back. The episode was "Putting Your Hoof Down." I just found it kinda funny and entertaining, with this soft spoken little pony and the loud and obnoxious Iron Will butting heads, and I was hooked since. Other interests include Game Of Thrones, playing any number of games on Xbox, and reading. I enjoy alot of medieval/high fantasy /fiction, so obviously Tolkien, R.R. Martin, Paolini, Jacques, Clancy, Griffin, and some alternate history by Harry Turtledove. Other than that, I'm a pretty laid back and chill person, so I'm really easy to get along with and talk to! Don't be a stranger, if anyone is ever down to play some games or just talk, PM me! That's about it, hope that was a decent introduction