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  1. Fan de Mexivergas - TUrret

    HELP ME Finding this song Please

    OMG im very thanked and amazed that you answerd me so fast, so HAPPY that now i know the name of the song.YOU DONT KNOW HOW GLAD I AM RIGHT NOW but, there's still no answer :'(.do you have the link of the song? or the artist? cause in yt only appears miley cirus, and i searched BTVNUMA and i didn't find anything i'm worried cause maybe i will never find the song
  2. Fan de Mexivergas - TUrret

    HELP ME Finding this song Please

    I heard a wonderful song In a video from EquestriaNet (website dedicated to brony hispanic comunity) The video where it appears this song is in the episode 17 season 7. I tried all. I searched if it was a brony song or not; I didn't find an answer, I asked to EquestriaNet but they told me that the source where it cames this video it doesnt longer exist. Please Help this humble pilgrim who visit this great realm, i need the knowledge of the community, the best community ever indeed, and i know that my family will help me finding this song The song starts in the credits in the minute 21:29. YOU WILL LOVE THIS SONG I PROMISE