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  1. Heya everypony, made an account here because I really wanted to have a place to discuss this specific topic with other fans of the show. The most recent episode, "Once Upon a Zepplin", ended with another moral about taking care of yourself even when that has to limit how much you can do for others. These types of messages are becoming more common in ponies lately, and I'm not sure quite how to feel about it. I think it's important to keep yourself going, but it's bizarre to see that on ponies where it just... stops at that point. It doesn't make sure to highlight a balance between the two, but instead clearly puts more weight on the 'yourself' side. This is starting to impact my sense of the characters' degree of selflessness, and also the energy they seemed to draw simply from seeing they'd helped others earlier on in the show. It's making the characters feel more real; but, I come to ponies to get a little injection of hope and belief in people being capable of being a bit bigger and more altruistic/ideal towards others, so this change in focus has a slightly negative twinge for me. It's led to the bizarre sense that even though all of our ponies have accomplished so many of their dreams since season 1, they seem more tired and less capable to handle new challenges than ever before, as if they're regressing in what they can take on and find a way to shine. They seem to need more time for their own needs now than ever before, when previously, the best battery to power their efforts or reward for those efforts was the effect they could have on others. I'm wondering how other fans have felt about the addition of these types of morals, and what your reaction to them has been. How have they impacted how you see the characters? Do they impact what you get out of the show, or your enjoyment of it?
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